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Free MS Office Classes

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Your Calgary Public Library card allows you to access free, self-paced MS Office courses. Here’s how:

  • Start at our homepage, and then choose the link to e-library.
  • Choose the category Job Search, Careers & Courses.
  • Choose Learning Express. Once you do, I suggest that you register, so that you can start downloading content immediately.
  • Choose Popular Software Tutorials and you’re off to the races!

Complete these courses at the Calgary Public Library branch of your choice, or from the comfort of your couch or kitchen table. If you still need assistance, remember you can access free computer programs and one-on-one volunteers at various library branches throughout the city. Call 260-2600 for more information!

the thing you think you cannot do

by Katherine - 2 Comment(s)

I just finished reading a great book by American war veteran and psychiatrist, Gordon Livingston. It’s called the thing you think you cannot do: thirty truths about fear and courage. I didn’t pick it up because I’m a particularly fearful person; in fact, I’m not sure why, given its relatively humdrum cover, I picked it up at all. But it spoke to me.

Livingston writes in a clear and accessible way, about some of the most difficult issues we face. How should we live in a world that is manifestly unfair, sometimes violent, and haunted by our impending deaths? What is real courage and who can we identify as heroic? Where do love, humour and hope factor into the equation? This short but very worthwhile read - peppered with quotes from everyone from Hillel to Nietzsche - is sure to make you think.

Here is my favourite quote, by Rumi: Forget safety. Live where you fear to live. Destroy your reputation. Be notorious. It doesn’t represent the tone of the whole book, but there’s something about the imperative to destroy one’s own reputation that I think is fantastic.

Need more suggestions about great books? Ask a librarian, during your next visit!

On Linkedin?

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Do you have a LinkedIn profile, yet? I’ll admit that when I received my first invitation to join this social networking site, I rolled my eyes. I was already on facebook, so why did I need another profile elsewhere? But LinkedIn is definitely not another facebook. It’s a social networking site that allows you to post your professional credentials, search for jobs, network through contacts and club memberships, and expand your ability to secure employment. Learn who works where, get updates about industries you’re involved with and find college alumni, too. There’ll be no pictures from your most recent drunken escapade – LinkedIn is for professional purposes!

The Calgary Public Library regularly works with career coaches and counselors. The feedback we’ve been receiving is that LinkedIn is an essential tool for job hunters, and that its importance will only continue to grow as companies and recruiters use it to find new employees.

If you’d like to learn more about LinkedIn, then be sure to register in our free programs, or check out our collections. Here are some new titles:

LinkedIn for Dummies by Joel Elad

The Power in a Link: Open Doors, Close Deals and Change the way you do Business using LinkedIn by Dave Gowel

The Power Formula for LinkedIn Success: Kick-Start your Business, Brand and Job Search by Wayne Breitbarth

Go [Your Name Here] Go!

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Have you ever wondered about what a life coach or career coach can do for you? It’s a whole lot more than just cheering you on and patting you on the back.

Coaches motivate clients to explore different viewpoints and strategies, and crucially, to take action. They foster personal responsibility and accountability, too.

Often times, your family is too biased to give you objective advice; likewise, your friends or co-workers may worry about hurting your feelings. Coaches are removed enough to allow for more objectivity, but they’re invested enough to keep you accountable, and to help you celebrate your successes. Coaches keep you honest and on track, and they help you broaden a variety of skill sets. Coaches work with individuals and teams, and relationships with a coach can be long or short term.

Interested in finding out more? Calgary Public Library is pleased to be offering free 15-minute coaching sessions, on February 8th and 9th.

Click here to find out more!

No More Praying Tutors

by Katherine

During a recent trip to Las Vegas, I toyed with the idea of gambling, but ultimately decided not to. After all, the house always wins, but beyond that, I just don’t have the math skills to make quick decisions about doubling down or anteing up. Alas, I was one of those kids (and now am one of those adults) who makes calculations by counting on my fingers. And the other players at the blackjack table simply don’t have the patience for “...15, 16, 17,’ll stay!”

If you’re someone who never quite mastered the basics, then check out Math for Grownups, by math educator Laura Laing.

Many years ago, my math tutor told me that he would pray for me, before a big exam. The exam went well, but I’ve never been able to forget the feeling that if God had to intervene on my behalf, then I was surely a loser who was destined to forever struggle with math. A book like this one may have helped me more in the long run than a plaintive prayer from a frustrated tutor.

If you’re brushing up on your math skills or upgrading for continuing education courses, then browse section 510 for textbooks at all grade levels. If you’re anticipating writing a diploma exam or its equivalent, we’ve got The Key study guides, too.

Thursdays at Central: All about Careers!

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Join us at the Central Library on Thursday evenings, and you’ll have the opportunity to have your resume critiqued (for free!) by qualified career coaches. You can join our Strategic Networking group, too! Meet new people and have your questions answered. Discuss which methods of job searching are the most successful, and why. Last week, we delivered an impromptu presentation about LinkedIn!

Our resident career “guru” works every Thursday evening, and she’s always eager to answer your questions. Ask about career-related newsletters and magazines, websites, job boards, interview styles, and lots more!

If you’re looking for a job, or you’d like to gather information about Calgary’s labour market, the library is an excellent place to start! We've got the largest collection of career-related materials in Calgary, and we're always happy to make suggestions about which other agencies or service providers may be of use to you.

Drop by the third floor of the Central Library on Thursday nights, starting at 6 PM.

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