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Career Basics

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If you’re searching for a job, then make sure to come to the Calgary Public Library. What does the library have to do with job searching?

  • We’ve got an enormous range of specialized directories, to help you find companies you didn’t even know existed.
  • We have databases that can provide you with information about jobs, salaries, educational requirements, job outlooks and lots more.
  • Our career collection is the largest of its kind, in Calgary. We’ve got books, magazines, DVDs, CDs and all sorts of programs, dedicated to helping you find that perfect job.

And speaking of programs, make a note of these three:

Career Basics: Resume Development, Saturday May 29th

Career Basics: Interview Skills, Saturday June 5th

Career Basics: Networking and Work Strategies, Saturday June 12th

All three programs will be led by professional career practitioners from Bow Valley College’s Career Connection.

Register online, in your nearest library branch, or by calling 260-2782.

Anatomy of a Career Tour

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The Business, Science & Social Sciences department of the Calgary Public Library is pleased to offer Career Tours to groups and individuals. We’ve been hosting them for years, and consistently receive positive feedback about how valuable this program is. What is a Career Tour, and why should you participate?

A Career Tour is a 75 – 90 minute presentation about the key resources and services that the Calgary Public Library provides to those who are seeking employment, or refining their workplace skills.

In a tour, participants will learn about print sources (books, newspapers, magazines, etc), electronic databases, recommended websites, online directories, CPL's e-library and much more! Experienced facilitators will highlight our favourite resources, and gladly answer your questions. We will tailor the presentation to suit the backgrounds and interests of the participants. Teens, small business owners, newcomers and ESL students, engineers with foreign credentials; no matter what the group profile, we’ll customize a tour!

Go beyond Google, to make your job search thorough, efficient and effective.

The Calgary Public Library has Calgary’s largest collection of career related materials, and we offer free programs ranging from workplace skills to computer literacy.

If you’re interested in a Career Tour, contact the Business, Science & Social Sciences department at (403) 260-2782.

Job Hunting?

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Did you know that the Calgary Public Library offers Career Tours? Groups or individuals can come to the third floor of the Central Library and learn about the books, CDs, DVDs, databases and other tools we have, to assist in searching for jobs. Tours typically take between 75 and 90 minutes, and are in ever-increasing demand. Many people don’t realize the wealth of information that can be found here. We have the city’s largest collection of career-related materials, encompassing self-assessment tools, occupational profiles, business directories, and much more!

If you’d like to arrange for a Career Tour, please call (403) 260-2782 for more information. Additionally, why not check out our Careers and Employment Resources blog? Here you'll find information about upcoming programs and new career books.

Good luck in your search!


Work your network!

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The Calgary Public Library is pleased to offer Career Tours to our customers. Spend between an hour and an hour and a half with us, and you’ll soon see how many different books, CDs, DVDs, databases and other tools we have to assist you in your job search. During these Career Tours, we always make sure to mention the importance of networking. Joining clubs and associations, attending conferences and tradeshows, and just simply “getting out there” is paramount. If you need some tips, why not browse our catalogue for “networking”? Additionally, why not join us at the Central Library on March 20, for a program about networking? The program will be led by professional career practitioners from Bow Valley College's Career Connection. Register here!

Join CPL at the Career Show!

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The job hunt. It’s a challenging, competitive world, and these are especially trying times. Are you doing all you can, to ensure success in your search?

If you’re searching for a job, be sure to visit the Calgary Public Library booth (among a huge range of others) at the Career Show, coming up this Friday and Saturday. Sure, you’ve got Halloween on the brain, but this is an excellent opportunity to find a huge range of employers, and services / agencies that assist in job hunting, all under one roof! The Calgary Public Library looks forward to attending this event each year, and it always sends its expert staff. This year, five staff members will be on-hand to answer your questions.

Whether you’re concerned about formulating a resume and cover letter, or you need advice about networking and job hunting, Calgary Public Library has resources and materials to assist you. There’s no question too strange, no question too complex! We regularly host Career Tours and Career Coaching sessions, and we have the largest collection of career-related materials in the city! Let us show you the wealth of resources that are accessible either in your branch, or through our e-library.

We wish you all the very best, in your search!

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