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Social Entrepreneurship

by Katherine - 0 Comment(s)

I don’t typically read The Economist cover to cover, but then I don’t usually find myself in an airport with two hours to kill. The August 14 - 20 issue contains an article about social entrepreneurship that I found really interesting.

Social entrepreneurship is the application of business principles to social problems. But instead of creating financial profit, we create social capital. We create intelligent citizens, peaceful and healthy communities, spaces for people to play and grow and learn.

If you’re interested in these ideas, then join us at the Central Library on Friday November 12th where Dr. Mark Durieux and Dr. Robert Stebbins, authors of Social Entrepreneurship for Dummies will discuss the past, present, and future of this exciting trend in Alberta.

Register for programs online, in the branch of your choice, or by calling 260-2600.

Calgary, the Cultural Capital?

by Katherine - 2 Comment(s)

I was recently asked to write a blog post about Calgary’s bid to be the 2012 cultural capital of Canada.

Wait. Calgary? The cultural capital of Canada?! What about our big three – Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver?

There are plenty of reasons why Calgary is poised to become Canada’s cultural capital – and why 2012 is the perfect year for us to make a bid. Let me share a few that excite me.

Firstly, there will be several Centennial celebrations in 2012. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that 2012 will be the Centennial year of the Calgary Public Library! It’s only 2010 and already we’re planning exciting events to get the whole city celebrating. The Calgary Stampede will also celebrate its Centennial in 2012. The Stampede is unarguably the biggest party of the year, and its hundredth anniversary is sure to draw both locals, and visitors from all over the world!

Calgary has a young, well educated populous. It’s also experiencing growth because of the many newcomers who choose to “put down roots” here. This combination of higher education and cultural diversity is sure to foment culture! And with a civic election looming, we can vote for the candidates who are just as enthusiastic about arts and culture as we are!

I’m excited to shake off our “cowboy” reputation and show Canada (and the world!) that Calgary is a hotbed of intellectual pursuit, artistic accomplishment, and all-things-cultural.

Bring on the food, dance, theatre, performance, music, lectures, exhibits, festivals, costumes and gatherings!

For more information, please visit


Fernando Botero at the Glenbow Museum

by Katherine - 1 Comment(s)

This weekend, visit the Glenbow Museum for the launch of its Fernando Botero exhibit. This event is pay-what-you-can, and is a great opportunity to enjoy the exhibition on a night with music, performance, refreshments, and festivity.

September is Arts and Culture Month, so if you’re looking for information about events throughout the city, then contact our Arts & Recreation department. Also, check out some of the arts events happening at your local library branch!

Fernando Botero Launch Party

Arts and Culture Month at your library


Gay Pride 2010!

by Katherine - 0 Comment(s)

Every year, in every high school, a girl will attend her prom with a gay date. Well, I was that girl, and my date was - and still is - a dear friend of mine. This post is for you, Joseph!

On September 5, celebrate diversity by marching in Calgary’s Gay Pride parade! Whether you’re gay or not, come downtown and show your support for equality, freedom, and choice.

Although drag queens and other colourful characters give the parade an air of frivolity, participating is actually a political act. Get “beglittered”, dig up that old feather boa, and then show your government, your neighbours, and your children that you believe relationships and families come in many wonderful forms.

For more information about the festivities, visit the Pride Calgary website.

Additionally, visit your local library! We have books to help gay couples improve their sex lives; books to help parents understand their gay children; books about the history of the gay rights movement. We also subscribe to several local GLBTQ magazines.

Don’t be shy about borrowing these materials. After all, some of our staff members are gay!

On September 14, join us at the Fish Creek branch for "Beyond Gay: The Politics of Pride".

Happy Pride, to one and all!

Celebrate Afrikadey!

by Katherine - 0 Comment(s)

This post is dedicated to my new friend, Nene.

When I reached the train station one morning last week, I heard someone calling my name. It was a woman, Nene, who had attended a Career Tour that I had led the day before.

Normally, I dread running into people first thing in the morning, because I am not a morning person, and it seems like a prison sentence to have to ride the train and make a half hour’s worth of small-talk.

Nevertheless, I sat and talked with Nene.

Nene is from Nigeria. She’s married to a doctor, has three children, and speaks 4 languages.

When I heard her use the word “imbibe”, I was curious.

“Nene, how long have you been speaking English? Your vocabulary is really impressive!”

“I grew up speaking English in school. Nigeria was colonized by the British, you know. And, of course, there’s so much business there because of oil. People from around the world come for the oil. It’s kind of like Alberta, actually.”

How much do you know about Africa? Find out more and celebrate Afrikadey by making a trip to your local library. We’ve got African music and cookbooks; books about African art and jewelry; maps, pictures, videos, guidebooks, and more!

Attend Things Fall Apart, and the festivities on Prince’s Island Park.

Ramadan 2010

by Katherine - 0 Comment(s)

August 11th or 12th (depending on one's location) marks the beginning of Ramadan, a religious festival in which millions of Muslims across the world will take part.

Visit your local library branch and learn more!

What do Muslims believe in? Why do Muslims fast? What’s the connection between Ramadan and the Hajj?

The Calgary Public Library has sacred books (like the Koran), as well as a wide variety of commentaries about Islam and issues in the “Muslim world” – if such a thing can be said to exist. We’ve got current statistics and magazines about Islam, too. Or, check out books about Islamic architecture (gorgeous!), or listen to music by Muslim artists.

Check out your local library and learn more about Islam, and every other subject you're interested in!

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