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To Spank or not to Spank?

by Katherine - 0 Comment(s)

From the very beginning, parents are faced with countless decisions.

What to eat when pregnant? What to name the bundle of joy? How to discipline with love?

When I was a grade 7 student, I was sent home from school with a survey for my parents to fill out. The school was interested in knowing which methods of discipline were being used at home. Interestingly enough, my mother left the survey blank. At that point in our household, there wasn’t any discipline to speak of, really. I was lucky, insofar as we simply “talked it out” whenever there was a problem. For some parents, however, the question is how to win the war without beating (literally!) the kids.

The next time you’re at your library, browse our collection for resources about parenting.

We’ve got hundreds of books, an enormous range of magazines, new DVDs, and an e-library filled with thousands of academic articles. We’ve even got free programs for your wee ones!

So, will you spank? Take away privileges? Impose a curfew? Talk things through? The way that you discipline your children could influence their mental and emotional health for years. Visit your library and make informed decisions about parenting.

Anatomy of a Career Tour

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The Business, Science & Social Sciences department of the Calgary Public Library is pleased to offer Career Tours to groups and individuals. We’ve been hosting them for years, and consistently receive positive feedback about how valuable this program is. What is a Career Tour, and why should you participate?

A Career Tour is a 75 – 90 minute presentation about the key resources and services that the Calgary Public Library provides to those who are seeking employment, or refining their workplace skills.

In a tour, participants will learn about print sources (books, newspapers, magazines, etc), electronic databases, recommended websites, online directories, CPL's e-library and much more! Experienced facilitators will highlight our favourite resources, and gladly answer your questions. We will tailor the presentation to suit the backgrounds and interests of the participants. Teens, small business owners, newcomers and ESL students, engineers with foreign credentials; no matter what the group profile, we’ll customize a tour!

Go beyond Google, to make your job search thorough, efficient and effective.

The Calgary Public Library has Calgary’s largest collection of career related materials, and we offer free programs ranging from workplace skills to computer literacy.

If you’re interested in a Career Tour, contact the Business, Science & Social Sciences department at (403) 260-2782.

On Diabetes

by Katherine - 0 Comment(s)

A recent CBC news article caught my attention, because of this staggering, sobering statistic: every hour, for the forseeable future, 20 people will be diagnosed with diabetes.

Whether you’re concerned about preventing or managing diabetes, check out the Calgary Public Library’s collections – both print and digital. Our cookery section has a huge range of books; our health and wellness section has information about the body, fitness, medications, and treatments. From home, access our e-library for a huge range of articles from encyclopedias, magazines, and authoritative medical journals.

Your doctor is not your only source of information! Empower yourself by making a trip to your local library!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

by Katherine - 0 Comment(s)

At my favourite thrift store last year, I was beckoned by a T-Shirt featuring a shamrock and boldly declaring: “Kiss me, I’m Irish”. I knew that I had to have it! I also knew that it would lay in wait for almost a year, until March 17th, whereupon I could unearth it and wear it proudly – if only for a few short hours.

But, what is the significance of the shamrock? Who is St. Patrick and why is he celebrated? For the answers to these questions, I turned to one of my favourite databases, World Folklore and Folklife Today.

Is there a custom, festival, mythological character, celebration or folktale that you’d like to know more about? Would you like to impress your friends with your extensive knowledge of Irish history and lore – (over a pint of green beer, of course)?

Use this wonderfully comprehensive database to find out more!

From our e-library, select Social Sciences and Education. From there, select World Folklore and Folklife Today. Browse by subject, geographical region or folktale and you’ll find that you’ve got access to hundreds of full length books!


Happy Valentine's Day!

by Katherine - 0 Comment(s)

Just who is St. Valentine, anyway? The cynic in me suspects that he’s the patron saint of heart-shaped candy, cupid decorations and dinner reservations. But, I can’t give that answer to a customer…

Here at the Calgary Public Library, we answer all sorts of questions. Recently, a question arrived through our Ask A Question service, and it was “Who is Saint Valentine?” Here’s how we’ll look for the answer:

First, we’ll look through our catalogue. We’ll search for books on St. Valentine, as well as holidays and saints.

Then, we may turn to our e-library and browse our databases. One of my favourites is World Folklore and Folklife Today.

We may then use our encyclopedias - both print and electronic. We’ll use these to find succinct overviews from reputable, authoritative sources.

We may even use our list of best websites, to see what information is freely available online.

So…here’s the scoop on St. Valentine’s Day:

Its origins are murky, as there were several people by the name of Valentine, in early Christianity. The holiday may even be related to a Roman feast of fertility, which would have pre-dated Christianity. Handmade Valentine’s cards have been exchanged since the 17th century (well before the advent of Hallmark!), but it’s not certain whether these commemorated a saint’s bravery, or the love of a prisoner for a jailor’s daughter, or a priest’s stand against a Roman emperor. All of these stories are related to Valentine’s Day.

No matter who St. Valentine may have been, why not take the opportunity to celebrate February 14th by making cards for your friends or loved ones? Our poetry and craft books may be just the inspiration you need!

Until next time, this blogger can be found eating large quantities of heart-shaped chocolates…

Happy Valentine's Day!

I [heart] Maclean's Magazine!

by Katherine - 1 Comment(s)

I love Maclean’s magazine! That’s not to say that I always agree with its editors, or that its content always aligns with my own views. Rather, I love it because it consistently gives me food for thought. Feature articles are interesting and timely; everything from politics to religion, to Canadian culture is examined. I also enjoy the interviews – candid conversations about every topic under the sun! Even the obituaries are wonderfully written tributes. And that’s all in addition to coverage of Canadian news stories.

If you haven’t read Maclean’s (or haven’t read it lately), why not give it a try? If you’ve got a library card, you’re already a subscriber!

From our e-library, select Newspapers and Magazines. From the list of available databases, choose Canadian Newsstand. The database will open to a search screen, but rather than searching, simply select the “Publications” tab, and then type “Maclean’s”. Notice that you’ve got access to every article since 1992!

Maclean’s magazine and hundreds (!) more are available on our e-library. Check it out today!

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