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Fresh! Music

by Jan S - 0 Comment(s)

One of my favorite collections to work with at the Library is the music collection. I love finding out what new releases are coming out and new artists to check out. Last fall was a good season for music releases with new music by Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Alicia Keys, Aerosmith and many more. In the early part of 2013 things have slowed down a bit, but there are some big artists coming out with new albums early on.

Love Songs Destiny

Destiny's Child - Love Songs

Earlier this year Destiny's Child announced a reunion after an eight year hiatus. Of course Beyonce has been busy in the last eight years, but the other girls in the group have held their own with solo releases, although it can't be easy being in Beyonce's shadow. Love Songs is almost exculsively made up of older material, but does feature a new song by the group called Nuclear. The song is produced by Pharell Williams and I was surprised how upbeat and catchy it is. Likely the song will be showcased if the rumors are true and the group takes the stage during the Superbowl Half-time show.


Tim McGraw - Two Lanes of FreedomTwo Lanes of Freedom Tim McGraw

If you are a country music fan then you’ll definitely want to listen to Tim McGraw’s latest release. Another singer turned actor this is his newest release after Emotional Traffic which came out just last year. Don’t be fooled by Two Lanes of Freedom when you are listening to it though. The last song on the album is called Highway Don’t Care and features Taylor Swift and Keith Urban; as an ode to Swift the song is listed as track 13 (she has of often said 13 is her lucky number), but there is no track 11 or 12.

Heartthrob Tegan and Sara

Tegan and Sara - Heartthrob

Last but not least is some Canadian (and local) content, Tegan and Sara’s seventh album is my most anticipated album of 2013 so far (it is only February though). I have had the first single, Closer, off the album on constant replay and can’t wait to listen to the full album. With every album the group’s popularity and profile seems to increase, so here’s hoping that Heartthrob continues that trend.

Fresh! New Look for OverDrive

by AnneMarie - 1 Comment(s)

OverDriveOverDrive now has a fresh new face for e-books and e-audiobooks. The upgrade, which OverDrive is calling Next Generation, includes a cosmetic redesign of the interface as well as search and navigation improvements such as “One-Step Checkout” and ”OverDrive Read” (for browser-based eBooks).

OverDrive's new features and layout reduce the number of steps to find, borrow and enjoy an e-book or e-audiobook on most major devices including Android, iPad and Nook. New “responsive design” allows the mobile and desktop experience to be the same—optimized for any screen size regardless of the user’s device.

Interestingly, the re-design also includes a format choice called “OverDrive Read” which is their new browser-based eBook reading option. This option does not change the way the existing services work but provides additional functionality. You will see ‘READ’ as another choice for format (such as epub or pdf) when available on a title. Using the Read format requires a device or computer with a modern web browser (like Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari).

So far, I'm enjoying the clean layout and attractive visuals. I like the banner at the top that lists the various categories so I can easily navigate to my favourite genres (biography) or find titles I can share with my kids. And, once I've selected a category, I like the highly visible " Available Now" button so I can filter my results to items I can check out immediately.

I think I'm starting to find my way around! If you need any help finding your way around, watch this video on OverDrive's Next Generation, or talk to staff at your local branch, use the Info Chat service on our homepage, or call us at 403-260-2600.

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