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The Freedom Manifesto, by Tom Hodgkinson

by Katherine - 0 Comment(s)

Rarely is a wake-up call simultaneously a joy, and yet Tom Hodgkinson’s The Freedom Manifesto manages to achieve this combination through wit, philosophy, history, and brutal honesty. The Manifesto is for all those who want more time and less work; more nature and less plastic; more quality and less quantity; more pleasure and less guilt.

This is an ambitious book. It covers a lot of ground, and its tone is tirelessly emphatic. Hodgkinson implores us to quit our jobs, quit paying mortgages, quit buying food from supermarkets, and even quit bothering our children! Of course, for some, these propositions may seem far too idealistic. However, Hodgkinson traces the development of industrialization, the flight from community to individuality, and the rise of corporations with such insight and candor that we can see the warped progression of modernity and the absurdity of urban life. You may not quit your job after reading this book, but you will at least have contemplated it.

The Manifesto is witty and engrossing, and very well researched. If you want to radically change your life, or even if you want to fantasize about radically changing your life, check out this critically acclaimed Manifesto today.

I Love I Love Lucy!

by Katherine - 0 Comment(s)

If you haven’t ever watched an episode of I love Lucy, then you’ve “got some ‘splaining to do!”

This show is an absolute classic! Lucille Ball’s comic genius shines in slapstick scenes, and her ability to manipulate her facial expressions and body language never fails to delight. Zany and unpredictable, Lucy is the perfect foil for Ricky, her uptight husband. In nearly every episode, Lucy has some sort of scheme that inevitably goes awry. The comedic tension is a result of her trying to either remedy or lie about the situation, while Ricky investigates.

I love Lucy is harmless, and a welcome reprieve from the sometimes vulgar comedies that air these days. I have shown episodes to the ESL students whom I teach, and the inmates at the Calgary Remand Centre, where I sometimes visit to promote the library and its resources. Among both groups, I Love Lucy was universally enjoyed.

Why not mix up your regular routine and borrow an I Love Lucy DVD today?

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