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Law at your Library

by Katherine - 0 Comment(s)

As I write this post, I am gazing at an audience of approximately 35. They are listening to a barrister from Calgary Legal Guidance discuss wills and estates – and they’ve been listening for about an hour and a half.

The fact is, free legal advice is hard to come by. Well, maybe not really. But free, reputable legal advice sure is!

If you’re interested in Canadian law, why not check out our program guide? We’ve got a variety of programs coming up, including sessions on Copyright Law, Custody and Access, and Employment Law for Small Businesses. Learn more and have your questions answered! Additionally, check out our collection. We’ve got provincial statutes, city by-laws, legal directories, and much more!

Law at the Library

by Katherine - 0 Comment(s)

I was pulled over recently and informed that I was being issued a ticket for speeding in a playground zone. I knew how quickly I was going, but doubted that I was within the confines of the playground zone. I drove past that same spot the next day, and confirmed that I was within the zone when ticketed. Fair enough.

But, what if I had found that the officer had been wrong? What if I needed to defend myself? It occurred to me that I wouldn’t even know where to start.

Many people don’t realize the wealth of legal information that can be found at the Calgary Public Library. We have:

  • federal and provincial statutes
  • city by-laws
  • directories of legal professionals
  • legal dictionaries
  • free programs about law

If you have concerns about divorce, landlord / tenant issues, the criminal code, local by-laws or anything else, drop by your local library branch and check out our resources. We’ll remind you that we are not trained legal professionals, but we’re a great place from which to start your legal odyssey. Also, be sure to check out our program guide, and register for Law at Your Library programs. These free, informative programs are hosted by Alberta Legal Guidance.

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