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Yee Haw!

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Here at the Calgary Public Library, we’ve got everything you need to get into the Stampede spirit!

Music! Bluegrass, Country and Western, Folk and more!

History! Our Local History Room is a wonderful resource for all things related to Calgary’s history – including the Stampede!

Food! Tons of cookbooks to inspire your grilling and BBQ-ing!

Stories! Bring your little ones to a Stampede Storytime, or join an author reading for adults.

There’s always something going on at your local library branch. Check us out today!

Soyez Inspire!

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Make your way to the Glenbow museum on the evening of May 15th for the opening of some very interesting new exhibits. How else will you get the chance to hang out with local musician Kris Demeanor, see gorgeous works by both impressionists and modernists, and drink on site?!

The jazz inspired event is pay-what-you-can, so take advantage!

For more information, visit the Glenbow Museum’s website.

If you’re interested in art and music, then be sure to check out our collection, too! Borrow 99 items at a time! That’s a whole lot of inspiration!


Karaoke Party!

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When a friend told me that she was considering Karaoke for her birthday party, I couldn’t help but get excited. Who doesn’t love the chance to sing in front of (usually half drunk) strangers? The thrill when your name is called; the exhilaration when you’re singing; the basking when it’s all over…

Karaoke is a drug!

If you’re a fan of Karaoke, then drop by your local library branch and check out our CDs. We’ve got a wide variety of Karaoke CDs, so you can brush up at home before you take your act on the road.

Now, should I be Aretha Franklin or Gladys Knight? Wish me luck on stage!


Headphones: Bjork

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Over the years, Icelandic singer Bjork has earned a reputation for being weird. But, listen to her albums, and you’ll see that the coverage about her now infamous “swan dress” (google it!) belies her true greatness as a singer, songwriter and performer. I was fortunate enough to see Bjork live in Montreal during her Homogenic tour. What a fabulous concert! Fireworks in Parc Jean Drapeau! If you’ve never listened to Bjork, you’ve been missing out!

Here are my top three picks for an introduction to Bjork:

Start with sophomore album Post, which is more refined, complex and variant than debut album (aptly titled), Debut. I love “Hyperballad” for its soaring vocals and “Army of Me” for its brooding intensity. The remarkable thing about this album is that it doesn’t seem to age. Each song sounds as modern today as when the album was released in 1995.

Homogenic, her third album, is Bjork with a dash of darkness. Beats are heavy and complex, and a little more anger is expressed lyrically.

Vespertine is Bjork’s fourth album. I once heard this collection of delicate, intricate songs described as what freezing to death might sound like. It’s definitely an album I gravitate towards in the winter months, as it just seems to evoke stillness, and twinkling snow. It’s gentle, minimal, quiet and poetic.

If you’re not listening to Bjork, then you’re just not listening! Check out her albums today!


Listen: Black History Month

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February is Black History Month. I plan to celebrate, recognize and reflect upon Black culture and achievements, by reading and finding out more. But that’s not all. I’ll create a master playlist of my favourite Black artists. Why not check out the music collection at your local library branch?

Who’s on my list?

Alicia Keys. This soulful songstress is part pop, part hip hop, and totally amazing. Singer, songwriter, pianist and poet; she’s sure to please!

Stevie Wonder. Adjectives fail. He’s gifted and prolific! If you want his early pop, start with Greatest Hits (volume 2!). If you want your Stevie a little funkier, then check out Original Musiquarium. And, you can’t go wrong with the decades-spanning Definitive Collection. Just try to keep from dancing!

Erykah Badu. For intelligent, soulful and inventive hip hop, it’s Erykah Badu for me. Turn to her latest two releases, New Amerykah Part 1 and Worldwide Underground for beats and rhymes. Mama’s Gun, however, is my favourite. It’s amazingly chill, and an album you can enjoy again and again! In the age of i-pods, I turn to this album on an “old fashioned” CD.

Gnarls Barkley. I’m guessing that most people heard about Gnarls Barkley a few years ago when their smash hit “Crazy” became ubiquitous. That’s how I did. But since then I’ve spent a while with albums St. Elsewhere and The Odd Couple, and I’ve loved every minute! Not only are the lyrics introspective, but the music itself is exuberant and inventive. Above all, I love the vocal stylings of Cee-Lo Green. His tone is pure Motown and utterly timeless!

Jill Scott. She’s a singer. She’s a poet. She’s amazing. For an indication of just what she’s capable of, check out my personal favourite, her live album, 826+. Her studio albums, though, are amazing in their own right. Start with Who is Jill Scott, Words and Sounds vol. 1.

Who else is on my list?

Smokey Robinson, Al Green and Marvin Gaye are more of my top picks. So are Dianna Ross and Lauryn Hill. I also love Macy Gray, and (believe it or not) Kanye West. The list goes “on and on”, as Erykah might say…

Drop by your local branch this February! Celebrate Black History Month by listening to music, researching notable Black figures, or reading novels by Black authors.

Also, join us as we celebrate Black History Month with drumming, spoken word performances and a panel discussion about Black History.

Nine Inch...Lullabies?

by Katherine - 1 Comment(s)

There are countless reasons to visit your local library, and near the top of the list is the element of surprise.

As I was thumbing through some children’s music recently, I came across a Nine Inch Nails CD. Naturally, I assumed that it had been misfiled, but upon further examination, I realized that it was actually a compilation of Nine Inch Nails songs, remixed into lyric-less lullabies.

Imagine a song like “Closer” or “Hurt” played on the xylophone or triangle, and you’ll get the idea. These stripped-down, delicate remixes were interesting and novel enough to find their way onto my i-pod.

Parents: don’t restrict your children to the “same old, same old” music. Expose them to a wide range of sounds and rhythms; expand their repertoire and yours! Let them listen to pop, jazz, classical and folk; let them listen to music in other languages, too!

The Calgary Public Library has an extensive range of children’s music, including “Rockabye Baby!”.

Why not borrow some today, for your wee head-banger to be?

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