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Check out books in your own retirement community

by Christine Pinkney - 0 Comment(s)

Lillith is a friendly and welcoming volunteer for the library-in-residence program at Colonel Belcher Care Centre. As a resident, Lillith has been volunteering with library programs in the building for the last decade.

Colonel Belcher Care Center is one of four residences that the library brings a collection of materials to for the residents to select from and check out as part of our senior outreach programs. Colonel Belcher has an average of 35-40 residents each month who eagerly await the unveiling of the new library materials that have arrived. Lillith assists the staff in getting the materials out on the tables and set up and encouraging residents to enjoy the experience, even those who are sight impaired.

Lilith pays special attention to those who have physical ailments that might prevent them from perusing the library collection at length and assists them in seeking out materials that they like and bringing them to the residents who are unable to fully navigate the room. Often sight impaired residents ask for her assistance in reading the back covers of audio books so that they can make sure they’ve not heard the book previously.

Lillith is a constant activist for library programs and encouraging residents to keep reading or listening to audio books to keep their minds active.

Thank you Lilith!

Helping people reach their employment goals

by Christine P - 0 Comment(s)

Lidia is a Career Coach at the Calgary Public Library and was awarded the Career Coaching Volunteer award in April of 2011. Here is what she has to say about volunteering at the Library:

“I started volunteering for the Career Coaching program at the Central Public Library just a little over 3 years ago – September 2008. I had been looking for work as an employment counsellor and decided to get experience in the field by volunteering. Shortly after, I was hired by the Centre for Newcomers as a career practitioner but I liked my experience with the Library so much that I continued to volunteer there.

I believe volunteering has been and will continue to be a core value in my life. Volunteering gives me great satisfaction and energy and a sense of worthiness , I feel I am getting so much more than I give.

I have volunteered for several events and organizations but none was I as passionate for as I am about my present role of Career Coach for the Central Library. Besides the personal satisfaction I get from helping customers, the best part for me is meeting people from all walks of life and having the privilege of hearing their stories and encouraging them to continue on their journey to reach their employment goals. If I can inspire an ounce of hope in them, then I will have accomplished much.”

Thank you Lidia!

Volunteering with English Learners

by Christine Pinkney - 0 Comment(s)

Ida has been volunteering with the ESL Conversation Club at the Library since Fall of 2008. Her background in adult education and ESL learners makes this opportunity perfect for her to use her skills.

This is what she has to say about volunteering with ESL learners in Calgary: “I enjoy the mixture of cultures and life experiences; learning the nuances of different languages; learning firsthand about various countries; “seeing” the world from their eyes to understand different perspectives and expand my world view; and being the teacher and student at the same time.”

Thank you Ida, for volunteering your time and efforts to help people practice English!

Library Volunteer joins Volunteer Calgary

by Christine Pinkney - 0 Comment(s)

One of our current Career Coaching volunteers has joined Volunteer Calgary as their new board member.

Career Coaching is a program where volunteers with HR experience coach people from all walks of life in improving their resumes, creating coverletters and breaking into hidden job markets.

Janeen Scott is a Human Resources Manager by day and by night is committed to helping her Calgary community. Her volunteer experience includes work with the Calgary Public Library, Artemis Foundation, and Students in Free Enterprise.

Congratulations Janeen!

Living Library Volunteers Share their Stories

by Christine Pinkney - 0 Comment(s)

Living Book, My Life in Three Cultures, after presenting her story

to a 50+ Coffee and Conversation Club at the Village Square Library

Living Library Volunteers, share their life stories with the public at events, Living Book Clubs, and Living Library programs. If you are interested in sharing your story with others feel free to apply to volunteer today!

To learn more about attending a living library program search our Programs page for 'Living Library'.

Volunteering in the ESL Conversation Club is rewarding

by Courtney Brinsmead - 0 Comment(s)

Mark volunteers for the Calgary Public Library’s ESL Conversation Club at Village Square Library. He has been dedicated to helping people improve their language skills there for over 5 years. Here’s what Mark has to say about his volunteer experience:

Volunteering in the ESL Conversation Club is rewarding. Not only do you learn about other people’s culture, but you also learn about the spirit of assisting new Canadians.

We have kept our member’s interest alive in the ESL Conversation Club by interacting with them on a personal level, making them feel welcome by holding potlucks and by utilizing library materials for them to take home, while at same time taking them outside their comfort zone and giving them an insight into Canadian culture.”

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