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Go [Your Name Here] Go!

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Have you ever wondered about what a life coach or career coach can do for you? It’s a whole lot more than just cheering you on and patting you on the back.

Coaches motivate clients to explore different viewpoints and strategies, and crucially, to take action. They foster personal responsibility and accountability, too.

Often times, your family is too biased to give you objective advice; likewise, your friends or co-workers may worry about hurting your feelings. Coaches are removed enough to allow for more objectivity, but they’re invested enough to keep you accountable, and to help you celebrate your successes. Coaches keep you honest and on track, and they help you broaden a variety of skill sets. Coaches work with individuals and teams, and relationships with a coach can be long or short term.

Interested in finding out more? Calgary Public Library is pleased to be offering free 15-minute coaching sessions, on February 8th and 9th.

Click here to find out more!

TechKnow Tuesdays, fall 2011

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If you’re downtown on Tuesdays over the noon hour, then drop in for TechKnow Tuesdays, our brief introductions to a variety of databases and social media tools. No need to register – just pop in – and bring your lunch, if you like. Here’s the schedule for our upcoming sessions:


Art Databases and Websites


Cool Internet Tools for Genealogists


Introduction to ESL Online Resources


Career and Job Searching Online


Introduction to E-Books


Introduction to ESL Online Resources


Good Reads and Social Media


Movies and Film Online


Introduction to Facebook


Introduction to Twitter


Citizenship Test Resources Online

The Other F Word: Frugality!

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One of my goals is to manage my money more effectively. So I typically browse through basic books or blogs on budgeting (spot the alliteration, kids!). In the reams of top 20 lists and collections of tidbits and tips, one piece of advice resounds again and again: use your library. Libraries allow you to borrow books for free, but it’s much more than that. Here are some more ways that your library allows you to stay frugal:

Libraries might encourage you to cancel your magazine or newspaper subscriptions, because many of these can be read online, with your library card. You might decide to borrow a movie rather than renting one, or perhaps you’ll attend a free screening in the library’s theatre. You might learn a new skill by attending a free program – perhaps one about budgeting – or renting an instructional DVD. You could use library books or databases to learn about fixing a car, bike or appliance, and spare yourself the cost of buying a new one. Explore our collections about cooking and learn to prepare healthy, frugal meals. Home cooking is a huge opportunity to exercise frugality! Attend some of the library’s special programs and speak with a lawyer, doctor, or career coach, for free! Check out the program guide for free concerts, and free access to our Writer in Residence.

Not all of our entertainment and enjoyment need be expensive. In fact, the library is a great place in which to instill a sense of frugality in your children. And children who have a sense of how money can be saved in simple ways will be well on their way to managing money when they’re adults.

Music in the Air!

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Calgary’s Folk Fest is in full swing, and I can’t wait until tomorrow night, when I’ll finally get to see KD Lang live! What a treat!

If you’re a music lover, then be sure to browse our extensive music collection. We’ve got thousands of CDs! Every genre is represented – from classical to country, and international, too. We’ve also got live concert DVDs. Be sure to check out our New and Notable section for new releases and artists you may not yet have encountered. Did you know that the Calgary Public Library has a collection of sheet music, too? Check it out, if you play the piano or guitar. Also, scan our program guide for free concerts, drumming programs, and more!

"Friending" my Dad

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Something completely unexpected happened a while ago. A “friend request” appeared on my facebook page, from my father. Really?! My dad is on facebook?! I’ll have to rethink just how candid my online persona is going to be...

There are hundreds of millions of facebook users throughout the world, and facebook is only one of many social media tools. Find out more about them by joining us at our weekly TechKnow Tuesdays sessions. Every Tuesday at the Central Library, from 12:15 – 12:45, we provide brief overviews of these tools. Use them to find friends and likeminded individuals, or to play games, plan events, share news and photos, and lots more. The power of social media is now indisputable; children will grow up with these tools and never be able to imagine why, in days gone by, people would ever have limited themselves to a pathetic home phone. In fact, proficiency with these social media tools will soon become a necessity, and failure to use them (or at least understand how they are used) will be regarded as a type of illiteracy. So, drop in and learn more!

Today, June 21st, we’ll be featuring twitter. Check out some others, too:

Facebook, July 19

LinkedIn, August 2

Twitter, August 30

Click here for a complete list of our programs!

Cycling at Central

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Cycling is great for your body, your mind, and your city. Come to the Central Library and learn more about this healthy, efficient and enjoyable alternative to driving. We’ve got a variety of programs lined up, so whether you ride an electric bike, or an “old fashioned” one, you’ll be able to get helpful advice on how to maintain and care for it. We’ve even got programs about urban bike use and bicycle activism!

Check out this link for details about program dates and times.

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