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September 25 - 26: Food is Life Weekend!

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You don’t have to wait until January to make resolutions. Make them in September!

Attend the Food is Life Weekend, September 25 - 26, and get inspired to nourish and care for your body by feeding it well. There’s something for everyone, whether you’re interested in raw food, slow food, gardening, special diets, or food trends.

A variety of one hour sessions makes it easy for you to attend what's of interest to you. John Gilchrist, Community Natural Foods, Slow Food Calgary, the Calgary Horticultural Society, Leaf & Lyre Urban Farms and Blue Mountain Biodynamic Farms are just some of the many folks who will be facilitating our awesome line-up of programs.

Register for programs in any branch, online, or by calling (403)260-2600.

Free Tai Chi!

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If you’ve never tried Tai Chi, then join us on September 20th, for a 90 minute introduction to this gentle practice, fostering natural good health and well being. Accredited instructors from the Taoist Tai Chi Society will lead the program.

Register for this free program and tons of others either online, in the branch nearest you, or by calling (403)260-2600.

And if you can’t attend the program, why not borrow a Tai Chi DVD from your local library branch?

Gay Pride 2010!

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Every year, in every high school, a girl will attend her prom with a gay date. Well, I was that girl, and my date was - and still is - a dear friend of mine. This post is for you, Joseph!

On September 5, celebrate diversity by marching in Calgary’s Gay Pride parade! Whether you’re gay or not, come downtown and show your support for equality, freedom, and choice.

Although drag queens and other colourful characters give the parade an air of frivolity, participating is actually a political act. Get “beglittered”, dig up that old feather boa, and then show your government, your neighbours, and your children that you believe relationships and families come in many wonderful forms.

For more information about the festivities, visit the Pride Calgary website.

Additionally, visit your local library! We have books to help gay couples improve their sex lives; books to help parents understand their gay children; books about the history of the gay rights movement. We also subscribe to several local GLBTQ magazines.

Don’t be shy about borrowing these materials. After all, some of our staff members are gay!

On September 14, join us at the Fish Creek branch for "Beyond Gay: The Politics of Pride".

Happy Pride, to one and all!

Don't Be an Idiot!

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Although we typically think that “idiots” are individuals who suffer from an excess of stupidity, the original meaning of the term was a bit different. In ancient Greece, an idiot was a person who failed to involve himself in civic affairs.

With Calgary’s civic election on the not-too-distant horizon, it’s more important now than ever to avoid being an idiot. And your Calgary Public Library is here to help!

  • Let our information desk staff help you determine which ward you live within.
  • Attend an All Candidates Forum at a branch near you (stay tuned for details…).
  • Gather information about your fair city. The 3rd floor of the Central Library is chock full of current statistics and government documents.
  • Read Calgary’s daily newspapers online! Your CPL card is your subscription to both the Herald and the Sun, so there’s no excuse for not knowing your candidates’ platforms.
  • Check out our Best Websites for links to our favourite online sources of information.

In terms of protecting democratic societies, the public library is a crucial institution. We’re affordable and egalitarian. We celebrate diversity in both people and ideas. We invite you to use your library and to vote for the mayoral candidate of your choice.

Computer Technology Coaching

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If you’re reading this blog, then chances are you’re already fairly proficient with the computer. But, you may know someone who needs assistance with sending e-mail, formatting a resume, or using MS Office Suite.

The Central Library is pleased to announce a new weekly drop-in program called Computer Technology Coaching.

Each Thursday night, on the 3rd floor of the Central Library, a volunteer will be available to provide one-on-one assistance. No registration is required.

Join us from 6 – 7:45 and start formatting, attaching, e-mailing, uploading, and more!

Celebrate Afrikadey!

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This post is dedicated to my new friend, Nene.

When I reached the train station one morning last week, I heard someone calling my name. It was a woman, Nene, who had attended a Career Tour that I had led the day before.

Normally, I dread running into people first thing in the morning, because I am not a morning person, and it seems like a prison sentence to have to ride the train and make a half hour’s worth of small-talk.

Nevertheless, I sat and talked with Nene.

Nene is from Nigeria. She’s married to a doctor, has three children, and speaks 4 languages.

When I heard her use the word “imbibe”, I was curious.

“Nene, how long have you been speaking English? Your vocabulary is really impressive!”

“I grew up speaking English in school. Nigeria was colonized by the British, you know. And, of course, there’s so much business there because of oil. People from around the world come for the oil. It’s kind of like Alberta, actually.”

How much do you know about Africa? Find out more and celebrate Afrikadey by making a trip to your local library. We’ve got African music and cookbooks; books about African art and jewelry; maps, pictures, videos, guidebooks, and more!

Attend Things Fall Apart, and the festivities on Prince’s Island Park.

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