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Where will you be on August 23?

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Ah, biking…

There's nothing else quite like the thigh burning drudgery of an uphill climb, followed by the mellow coast of a gentle decline. Humanity has yet to invent a vehicle that can rival the elegance, fuel efficiency and simplicity of the humble bicycle.

Bike for pleasure, for transportation, or to explore your neighbourhood from a different vantage point. Bike because it’s good for the planet and your waistline. Bike because the wind through your hair is one of life’s simple pleasures, and because ogling spandex-clad race enthusiasts is fun, too!

If you’re free on August 23, and love to cycle, you must check out this event:

Ride the Road Tour and Bike Festival

I'll be there, wind in my hair!

Also, look for the Calgary Public Library tent. We'll be there to tell you about our green initiatives, and answer any questions you may have!

Yee Haw!

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Here at the Calgary Public Library, we’ve got everything you need to get into the Stampede spirit!

Music! Bluegrass, Country and Western, Folk and more!

History! Our Local History Room is a wonderful resource for all things related to Calgary’s history – including the Stampede!

Food! Tons of cookbooks to inspire your grilling and BBQ-ing!

Stories! Bring your little ones to a Stampede Storytime, or join an author reading for adults.

There’s always something going on at your local library branch. Check us out today!

Blog Fodder!

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I love to blog!

I’ve been blogging for Slice of Calgary for almost a year now, and I’ve also established some of my own personal blogs. Technology like Blogspot, and Wordpress make it easy for anyone to write and distribute editorial content, pictures and video clips. Blogs are also a great way for job seekers and professionals to market their skills, and for students and colleagues to complete collaborative projects.

Once you’ve established your blog, you’ll want to make sure that you’re posting frequently and giving readers reasons to return. How can you ensure that you won't get "blogger's block"? That’s where a Calgary Public Library membership really comes in handy!

If you’re blogging about food, then check out our massive collection of cookbooks. We’ve got instructional DVDs, too. Or, join free programs about cooking, food, and gardening - and then blog about your program! Check out CPL's food blog, too!

If you’re blogging about business, check out our e-library. You’ll have access to hundreds of daily newspapers (including the Calgary Herald, Calgary Sun, and several editions of the Globe and Mail), databases like FP Infomart, and Reference USA (Canadian Businesses), and all sorts of full length business books. Establish RSS feeds about the topics that interest you.

If you’re blogging about travelling, then check out our guidebooks and maps! We’ve got information about locations near and far, and expert staff to help you find online resources. We’ve got books about photography, too, so you can learn to take the best shots possible.

No matter what the topic, the Calgary Public Library will have materials to inspire you! Come in and browse!

Also, staff from the Central Library’s Business, Science and Social Sciences department host programs every Tuesday, called TechKnow Tuesdays. These programs run from 12:15 – 12:45, and feature brief overviews of the technology you can use to support your blogging, and lots of other pursuits.

Learn about Delicious, LinkedIn, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Google and more!

Have you read this far, still uncertain about what a blog is? Visit us today!

The Adventure Begins!

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Each year the Calgary Public Library has a Summer Reading Adventure for children. As Malcolm Gladwell points out in Outliers, it’s incredibly important for children to read throughout the summer, so that they’re prepared to return to school in the fall. But the adventure is for adults, too!

Here’s a sneak peek at the adults’ Summer Reading Adventure:

Each assignment is a choice between “Inner Child”, “Armchair Travel”, or “Read from your Gut”, which are three categories that are disparate enough to appeal to just about anyone.

For my first assignment, it’s a bit of a toss-up. Do I choose Inner Child: Digging Deep, and read something about archaeology? Or, do I choose Armchair Travel: Europe? I think I’ll try to conquer both!

For Inner Child: Digging Deep, I’ll choose The Hebrew Pharaohs of Egypt : the Secret Lineage of the Patriarch Joseph, by Ahmed Osman. I read this some time ago, when I had an unyielding obsession with biblical archaeology, and I loved Osman’s alternative account of the relationship between Egypt and the Jews. If you’re interested in Western religious traditions, and / or ancient history, this book is a must!

For Armchair Travel: Europe, I’ll get a guidebook about Paris. I’m hoping to go in the fall time, so perhaps I’ll spend my summer months researching and planning. I particularly like guidebooks that provide maps for walking tours. There’s no better way to see the city than to walk its streets!

Starting June 17th, drop into your library and start tracking your summer reading adventures. You’ll motivate your kids to keep reading throughout the summer, and you may even win a prize! Good luck!

(Or as they say in Paris, “bonne chance!”)

It's Almost Time for the...Summer Reading Adventure!

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Each summer, the Calgary Public Library holds a program called the Summer Reading Adventure. We encourage both children and adults to keep track of their reading, and to collect prizes along the way.

It’s really important for children to read throughout the summer – we know that students who read in the summer months do better when it’s time to return to classes in September. But, summer is also a great time for adults to do some reading, too. Try a new genre, or get caught up on all those titles you’ve been meaning to read!

If you’d like information about either the adults or the kids Summer Reading Adventure, then drop by your local branch, and stay tuned to our website.

We've got guidebooks

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If you’re planning to do any hiking, cycling, camping or exploring this summer, make a trip to your local library branch first. We’ve got a huge range of local maps and guidebooks!

Whether exploring some place new, or re-discovering familiar territory, enjoy your experience more by knowing about the location, its history, and its wildlife. From trails to trees, from brooks to beaks; it’s all here!


Need a bit of guidance in finding the right materials? Call or visit the 4th floor of the Central Library – where our travel and guidebook experts are!

Also, check out our travel programs. Registration is free!

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