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Getting Around Calgary by Bike

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The wheels on the bus go round and round. The wheels on the bike do, too!

I participated in Calgary Public Library’s Living Library recently, and met a “book” who has lived in Calgary without an automobile for almost 10 years. Even more amazing: he lives that way by choice. His daily mode of transportation? His bike, of course!

Throughout European cities, you can spot women peddling to work in high heels. In Japan, it’s more common for someone to steal your umbrella than your bicycle. There are hundreds of millions of bicycles on this planet – when was the last time you rode yours?

Join us on Thursday June 3, for a free talk about biking in Calgary. Gary Beaton, bicycling advocate, explores the trials and the joys of bike commuting in a city that’s not recognized as being particularly bike-friendly.

Explore more! We’ve got lots of books about bicycle maintenance, city maps to help you plan your trip, and even cook books to help you plan your perfect post-peddling picnic.

Creative Conflict

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It’s a fact of life that there are as many different opinions as there are different people. So, when you work, live or spend time with someone whose views are not your own, how do you manage?

Conflict Management Consultant Michelle Phaneuf believes that effectively managing differences can drive creativity and productivity. Find out more by joining us from 12 – 1:30, on Wednesday May 26th. This program, like all of our programs, is free to join! Bring your lunch and learn new skills!

Spend Less! Tackling Consumerism and Advertising

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Money is slippery stuff! After paying the rent, and buying the groceries, most of us have to pay pretty close attention to where the remainder of our paycheck goes. I’m ashamed to admit it, but I operate outside of the confines of a budget. That doesn’t mean I spend like a millionaire. Rather, it means that if someone asked me how much I spent per month on groceries, entertainment, and so on, I would have no idea. I only know that I continue to swipe the plastic, and make the payment. Swipe the plastic, and make the payment…

Are you spending on what is truly important to you? Or, are your frittering away your hard-earned dough on items that are unnecessary and unimportant? Learn how to become an educated consumer, by joining us on Tuesday, June 1st. Staff from Momentum, a Community Economic Development organization, will facilitate this presentation.

If you’re wondering about cost, you’ll be glad to know that this program – like all programs at the Calgary Public Library – is free of charge!

Career Basics

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If you’re searching for a job, then make sure to come to the Calgary Public Library. What does the library have to do with job searching?

  • We’ve got an enormous range of specialized directories, to help you find companies you didn’t even know existed.
  • We have databases that can provide you with information about jobs, salaries, educational requirements, job outlooks and lots more.
  • Our career collection is the largest of its kind, in Calgary. We’ve got books, magazines, DVDs, CDs and all sorts of programs, dedicated to helping you find that perfect job.

And speaking of programs, make a note of these three:

Career Basics: Resume Development, Saturday May 29th

Career Basics: Interview Skills, Saturday June 5th

Career Basics: Networking and Work Strategies, Saturday June 12th

All three programs will be led by professional career practitioners from Bow Valley College’s Career Connection.

Register online, in your nearest library branch, or by calling 260-2782.

Immigration Law

by Katherine - 1 Comment(s)

Imagine the challenge of immigrating to a new country! Different languages, customs, economic conditions, and so much more! I work with immigrants and newcomers every day, and I am constantly impressed by their courage, and inspired by their tenacity.

If you’d like to have an overview of some of the legal aspects of immigration, then join us on Monday May 31st, at 6 PM, for Law at your Library: Immigration Law.

This program, presented by Calgary Legal Guidance, will help you to learn more about Canada's Immigration and Citizenship law as it pertains to sponsorship, temporary visas, and delays.

Register online, in any library branch, or by calling (403) 260-2782.

Epilogue: why you ought to live in Canada

A friend and former ESL student recently visited my house. When she was ready to leave, she fumbled for her keys, but could not find them in her purse. She went to look in her vehicle, found that the keys were indeed inside, and that the doors had been unlocked for a number of hours. She couldn’t believe that such a situation was possible. “This is Canada!” she exclaimed. She is set to become immigrate in June, and I wish her all the very best of luck.

Road Map to Success

by Katherine - 0 Comment(s)

Toastmasters is a club for those who wish to improve their public speaking and leadership skills. In a supportive environment, participants will learn to craft and deliver speeches, and provide constructive feedback about others’ speeches. They will also learn to speak “on the spot” about a topic for which they have had no preparation.

Involvement in Toastmasters is a great way to increase one’s confidence and self esteem. It’s a way of improving real-world skills, too. Whether you’re giving your best “elevator speech” to someone you’ve just met, or you’re toasting your daughter and son-in-law at their wedding, a background in Toastmasters will ensure you communicate with style, and confidence.

If you’d like to see how the club operates, then check out a special event - "Road Map to Success" - taking place on Saturday May 15th. The event will run from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm at the Mosaic Learning Institute (400, 736 – 8 Ave SW) and will feature a wide range of sessions for members of the general public and current members of Toastmasters.

Now, get up there and chair that board meeting! Toast that happy couple! Give your best speech!

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