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Come Out, (COME OUT!) Wherever You Are!

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This post is dedicated to a queer artist whom I love with all my heart - one Beric Manywounds, who continues to challenge my views about men, women, sex, gender, and love. May you revel in your sexuality; may you find a love that makes your heart sing!

The Calgary Public Library is proud to celebrate diversity in our community. Whether that diversity is ethnic, linguistic, cultural, or sexual, we have materials and programs that allow for various views and voices to be heard and understood. This September, like every other, we wish you a very happy PRIDE. Celebrate the fact that families come in a glorious variety of forms, and so do sexual preferences and practices.

Visit your library for books by and about gays, lesbians, transfolk, queers, and all of their many allies. Find materials that might help you come out - or dialogue with a child (or parent!) who just has. Borrow books about planning your gay wedding, or browse some of our gay audience magazines. If you’re writing a paper about sex, sexuality, gender, or gay issues, be sure to check out our e-library databases for academic and peer reviewed journals.

And if you’re free this Sunday, September 2, then head downtown to take part in Calgary’s PRIDE parade.

As for me, I don’t identify as gay. But I’ve got rainbow striped knee-high socks that have been waiting in fashion storage for nearly a year, and I’ll be wearing them with pride, in celebration of all the gays I’ve known and loved (and a few of the lesbians I’ve had crushes on, too).

From drag racing to drag queens, the Calgary Public Library has resources about everything you’re into!

Women's Magazines!

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No, not just the kind that tell you how to lose weight, please a man, and make supper. We’ve got magazines for women of all stripes and persuasions!

Check out our collections! Your Central Library has Curve, Ms., Canadian Women’s Studies, Bust, and more! We’ve got magazines for radical feminists, lesbians, mothers, and women who might happen to be all three. I was browsing the 3rd floor (Central) collection recently, and so many magazines caught my eye. Check out some of these headlines:

  • 150 Most Desirable Queer Women
  • Work Out with Amy Sedaris
  • “Chick” Lit: 34 Books that Awaken Girls to their Feminism
  • Women Rebuilding Afghanistan
  • Hot Dame! Hanging out with Helen Mirren

Calgary Public Library subscribes to hundreds of magazines, and our collection reflects the huge variety of people who live in Calgary. Check out our e-library or your local branch today!