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The Honorable Woman

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It's been a while since something has enthralled me the way The Honorable Woman has. This eight-part mini series has just arrived at the Library and if you missed it when it recently aired on TV, do not miss it now. This is series television at its absolute best—intricately plotted and ruthlessly intelligent, powerful without being melodramatic, it never falters or misses a step on it's way to a jaw-dropping conclusion. It is more tightly woven than Homeland, more intriguing than MI5, and more believable than Breaking Bad—and don't get me wrong, I enjoyed all of these series immensely—but this I enjoyed more. Okay, enough superlatives.

It stars Maggie Gyllenhaal and if you recognize the name (yes she is Jake's older sister) but can't really recall what else you've seen her in that is because she seems to keep a pretty private profile and just quietly goes about the business of acting. How refreshing! But she scores big here and based on this performance we should be seeing much more of her. She is a fine actress.

Look for her in Crazy Heart, The Dark Knight and Stranger than Fiction. Crazy Heart won Jeff Bridges his Oscar in 2009; Stranger than Fiction with Emma Thompson and Dustin Hoffman is exactly that—quirky and strange, yet charming; and as Christian Bale's love interest in Dark Night, the last in the rebooted Batman trilogy where she took over the role of Rachel from Katie Holmes.

Farewell to P.D. James

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The highly talented P.D. James just passed away at the age of 94. She was a very gifted and hugely prolific mystery writer and her bio reads like a novel-- full of quirks and unexpected turns and evidence of a long life well-lived.

Her first novel featuring her iconic detective Adam Dalgliesh was published in 1964. During the 1980's many of James's mystery novels were adapted for television by ITV and featured on PBS. We have a great selection from which to choose.

In 2006 her novel The Children of Men (1992) was the basis for the feature film of the same name and starred Clive Owen, Julianne Moore and Michael Caine. While the adaptation does not follow the book that closely James was reportedly pleased with the adaptation and proud to be associated with the film. This novel was quite a departure from her usual writings as it did not feature a murder to be solved but rather was a near future dystopian cautionary tale.

Just recently Death Comes to Pemberley aired on PBS. All you Jane Austen fans should recognize the name and yes, it is that Pemberley. If you missed it, we’ve got you covered.

Check out any of the following--these early adaptations into film follow her novels closely and Ray Marsden is excellent as the quiet, brilliant and introspective Dalgliesh. She is also an excellent read.

Death of an Expert Witness ;Shroud for a Nightingale ; Cover Her Face; The Black Tower ;Unnatural Causes; Original Sin; A Taste For Death; Devices and Desires; A Mind to Murder; A Certain Justice; Death in Holy Orders ;The Murder Room

So Long Mike Nicols

by Moe - 3 Comment(s)

The film, television, music and theatre world has lost a major talent with the recent passing of Mike Nicols.

He is one of only 12 people who can lay claim to having achieved the highly conveted EGOT and only one of seven directors. This means you have won at least one in all of the four major entertainment awards: Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony. You can find the other winners here.

Two of his films are on the American Film Institute's 100 Most Inspiring Movies of All time. They are Working Girl (1988) at #87 and Silkwood (1983) at #66. He has directed 17 different actors in Oscar-nominated performances: Elizabeth Taylor, Sandy Dennis, Richard Burton, George Segal, Dustin Hoffman, Anne Bancroft, Katharine Ross, Ann-Margret, Meryl Streep, Cher, Melanie Griffith, Sigourney Weaver, Joan Cusack, Kathy Bates, Natalie Portman, CliveOwen, and Philip Seymour Hoffman.

He won more Tony's for best direction of a play than any one else, a record six.

While paying tribute to Nichols during his 2003 Kennedy Center Honors, Meryl Streep and Candace Bergen read Nichols' "Five Rules for Filmmaking":

1: The careful application of terror is an important form of communication.

2: Anything worth fighting for is worth fighting dirty for.

3: There's absolutely no substitute for genuine lack of preparation.

4: If you think there's good in everybody, you haven't met everybody.

5: Friends may come and go, but enemies will certainly become studio heads.

We don't have all of his films in the system at the moment, but our ace selectors have re-ordered Catch 22 and Biloxi Blues. Keep an eye out for them to turn up in the catalogue soon. Unfortunately Silkwood and Heartburn aren't avaialable at this time for us to order, so see if you can get your hands on them elsewhere. Especially Silkwood.

However we do have all of these...

Block Busters 2

by Moe - 2 Comment(s)

Here we are with the second installment of Block Busters 2. These items are either in your branch already OR are in our catalogue and thus available for you to put a hold on. Do it sooner rather than later- there are a lot of great selections here. And thanks again to Mark for putting this latest list together for all his fellow Movie Maniacs.

Guardians Lucy Peabody Tammy

Hercules Hundered Foot Exp 3 Earth to Echo

Maleficent Movie Night

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Join us on Thursday November 20th at Crowfoot Library where we will be showing Maleficent.

For those of you not up on your Disney lore, Maleficent is the evil stepmother/witch/fairy who casts a spell on Princess Aurora. Disney has done an excellent job of re-imagining the Sleeping Beauty classic for a new audience. It stars Angelina Jolie and I think it's one of her better roles. This is Rated PG for sequences of fantasy action and violence, including frightening images.

For those of you who haven't seen the original or just want to revisit it, I think it still holds up after all these years as one of Disney's best. We have gotten dozens of new copies in DVD and Blu-Ray and it should be on everyone's must see list. The dragon itself is worth the time. And I am happy to say that they didn't skimp on the dragon budget for Maleficent.

The show starts promptly at 6:30 p.m. and we will have you out just after 8:00 p.m. No registration is required and feel free to bring your own goodies!

Additonal Advanced Screening Passes

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Hope you are amongst the 60 people Movie Maniacs sent to see this and if you did drop me a line with your impressions

Managed to secure another 10 double passes to The Theory of Everything for a second preview.

Monday, November 17, 2014 Show Time: 7:00 PM Scotiabank Theatre Chinook 6455 Macleod Trail SW

Click here and enter the pin code MovieManiacsTheoryNov17

Advanced Screening Passes

by Moe - 2 Comment(s)


Okay fellow Movie Maniacs, scored some great tickets here courtesy of our friends at eOne. These advances screening passes are for The Theory of Everything which stars Eddie Redmanye (last seen singing his heart out in Les Mis), and Felicity Jones.

You might be familiar with this film as it had its world premiere at TIFF this year. The film follows Stephen Hawking's relationship with his wife Jane as they work together to triumph over his debilitating disease. This one won't go unnoticed during the award season.

Wednesday November 12, 7:00 p.m.

Ciniplex Eau Claire Market

Follow this link and enter the code MovieManiacsTheory to claim your free double pass. Take this pass to the box office the night of the show and exchange it for an actual ticket. This ticket will guarantee admission. And do arrive early as interest is very high for this film. I would aim to be there for 6 p.m. or 6:15 p.m. at the latest to avoid disappointment.

Block Busters 1

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Today marks the debut of a new stream, aptly named “Blockbuster Movie Arrivals at CPL”. The purpose is to twice monthly highlight DVDs & Blu-rays that will be in high demand due their box office popularity (you can see their box office haul under the picture). We won't bother with reviews at this time — this is just a nice fast way for you to grab it and hold it.

You'll no doubt notice that many of these titles already have lots of holds on them, but by Block Busters 2 we will have it streamlined. After all, once the title appears in our catalogue it is available to hold and we would like you to be among the first!

And a huge thanks to Movie Maniac Mark who scoured our new arrivals and compiled this nice easy visual guide to these hot new titles.


Transformers: Maleficent: X-Men: Dawn of the Planet of the Apes: Godzilla: 22 Jump Street: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: How to Train you Dragon 2

Crowfoot Monthly Film Night

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Join us at Crowfoot on Thursday October 16th for Captain America, the Winter Soldier. This is the second installment of this Marvel character, although he does turn up in The Avenger storylines. It is rated PG 13 and runs a little longer at 136 minutes so we will be starting it promptly at 6:15. If you are familiar with the Marvel stories brought to film, you know that they are full of tremendous action, characters you can really root for, great bad guys, and implausible plots that don't really get in the way of just having a lot of fun watching as things unfold.


Four Jacks

by Moe - 2 Comment(s)

I always keep an eye out for a possibly overlooked series I can throw your way and I've found a couple of very good ones. And because they both happened to have in the starring role somebody named Jack, that led me to throw in two other well know Jacks- Reacher and Ryan.

From 2012 let’s start with Tom Cruise bringing life to Lee Child’s very popular anti-hero, Jack Reacher. Cruise stars as the title character, a former Major in the US Army Military Police Corp who has opted out of a life of duty but still attracts trouble like a magnet. This series was ripe to be made into a movie, and came with a built in audience of legions of fans from around the world. But when word first leaked that the diminutive Cruise was going to be playing the 6’ 5” behemoth, fans were outraged. There were talks of boycotts and other such nonsense, but then fans really do not like their legends messed with. Also people do seem to divide into the two Cruise camps, 'love him or hate him' more readily than for a lot of other actors. Because I try hard to disassociate actors from their real life personalities I can say I almost always enjoy Cruise's performances. And not being a particular fan of the books, I didn't have a lot invested in the character, so I was able to take this movie on it’s own merit. It worked for me, was worth my two hours and did well enough at the box office that a sequel is planned.

Jack Irish is an Australian television series originally broadcast as made for t.v movies and did well so they pulled it together into sets. It stars Aussie Guy Pearce, an actor who first came to North American audiences' attention as the ambitious Ed Exley in 1997’s excellent LA Confidential. Pearce is another actor I have always enjoyed and rarely does he miss the mark.

A great way to find unexpected recommendations is to pick up one thing- like Borgen or Jack Irish- watch the trailers and then get directed to more unexpected and potentially unnoticed series. So with help from Sue, this is how Jack Taylor came to my attention. This one stars Iain Glen who you will recognize from many things--- like Jorah Mormont in all four seasons of Game of Thrones and in the first season of Downton Abbey.

Now Jack Ryan has been kicking around a long time in film, in many incarnations and over a varied time line. He first made his appearance in 1990 in The Hunt for Red October and was played by Alec Baldwin---good movie. He next appeared in 1992 in Patriot Games and again in 1994 in A Clear and present Danger, both times played by Harrison Ford---I still go out of my way to watch these. Then Hollywood did something strange in 2002 and brought out a prequel starring Ben Affleck, The Sum of All Fears--- if you’ve seen it you’ll know what I mean about strange time lines. Nonetheless, good enough to invest your time in. Then nothing until 2014 when the character was resurrected for Jack Ryan, Shadow Recruit, starring Chris Pine, StarTrek’s rebooted James Tiberius Kirk. I’ll let you make up your own minds about this one.

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