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Desert Island Classic

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Dersu Uzala

Our desert island image really represents the polar opposite of the subject of this film but what better movie to watch when you are stuck on the hot sand than one that takes place in the cold? Akira Kursawa's Dersu Uzala makes viewers feel as if they are really in the frozen landscape of Russia.

There is only one copy of this dvd at the library, but try to see it. It is in our Russian dvd collection but is subtitled in English. Dersu Uzala won an academy award in 1975. Another great from the Japanese director of our previous desert island classic, it was filmed in the Soviet Union when Kurosawa's career had stalled in Japan.

Dersu Uzala tells the story of two men who develop a mutual respect and friendship while Dersu, a man who lives off the land, leads the other, socially rising army captain Arseniev on a journey through the remote, extreme climate of Russia. This is one of the great survival stories, and fans of storytellers such as Jack London will enjoy the narrative and 19th century setting. Maxim Munzuk's embodiment of the Russian native Nanai (or "Goldi") scout warms and then breaks your heart.

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