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Teen Fright Night at CPL

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As a special event for Halloween, 6 locations are hosting a teen movie night (13-17) with the truly terrifying movie The Haunting. This is the 1963 version, not the appallingly bad 1999 remake. For those teens used to modern horror movies filled with blood and gore and leaving nothing to the imagination, this movie should be a real treat. As horror writer extrordinaire Stephen King has said, you don't necessarily need to describe or show everything...just put the suggestion out there and most people's imaginations can conjur up something much more horrifying. He also said about the writer of this story, Shirley Jackson, "she never had to shout". This is how this movie works. Subtle, dark and with an atmosphere positively dripping with possiblities---all of them awful! What fun !

This movie will be available to the general public after the event, so get your holds on now. Or read the original book---The Haunting of Hill House. Just don't start it too late at night.



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