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Many years ago, a couple of friends introduced me to the pop culture game "Six degrees of Kevin Bacon," a pun on the movie title "Six degrees of Separation." The goal of the game is to link several movies via the characters who appear in each, eventually leading to actor Kevin Bacon. It's not very easy.

Still, have you noticed that sometimes when you get home and start watching your dvd choices that you have inadvertently done the same, having a sort of so-and-so film festival that weekend in your own home? The possibilities are endless with CPL's dvd collection. You could purposely pick out connected dvds or let the coincidences appear on their own, as in last weekend's choices from the 1970s:

Columbo season 1: Eddie Albert appears as a murderous military official whose crime is witnessed by a ditzy artist(Suzanne Pleshette). In another episode, Ray Milland plays a husband whose wife is murdered by the private investigator he had hired to follow her. After Columbo, we watched the original Disney film adaptation of Alexander Key's children's novel, Escape to Witch Mountain, and who should appear before us but Eddie Albert, as the kindly lonely RV-er who helps Tony and Tia elude a wealthy villian bent on harnessing the children's psychic powers, played by, you guessed it... Ray Milland.

Just don't ask me to link these to Kevin Bacon...wait a minute Ray Milland was in Dial M for Murder with Grace Kelly who was in...



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