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Are you a Derek Jacobi-an?

by Melanie Kolbeins - 0 Comment(s)

British actor Derek Jacobi is best known for his Shakespearean stage work, but he's been in many other movies, series, and tv programs. CPL has many of his best roles on dvd.

Take a look at I, Claudius Never mind the newer Rome tv series (okay, watch it--it's good)... Go back to this classic "classic" set in Rome of 37-68 AD (based on Robert Graves' novel). The production values of this BBC series are very low. Remember the '80s, when we decided to tape in glorious video? Don't let that deter you, Jacobi is wonderful as the "idiot" Claudius and John Hurt as Caligula is truly creepy. Star Trek fans look out for Patrick Stewart. It's a good winter viewing, 13 50-minute episodes, but well worth the time spent.

The Cadfael series

  1. Beloved mystery writer Ellis Peters' (Edith Pargeter's) medieval monk Cadfael plays a forensic investigor looking into murders from within and without monastery walls. Best in the series are The Pilgrim of Hate, the final episode. Try to watch them in sequence because there is a continuous narrative thread in the tv series. Look them up by episode. title lists the order of the series as follows: One Corpse Too Many, The Sanctuary Sparrow, The Leper of St Giles, Monk's Hood, The Virgin in the Ice, The Devil's Novice, A Morbid Taste for Bones, The Rose Rent, St. Peter's Fair, The Raven in the Foregate, The Holy Thief, The Potter's Field, and The Pilgrim of Hate.

    The Riddle

    Jacobi is unexpected as what seems at first the bit part of a homeless man in this mystery set Thames-side. A pub owner finds a Charles Dickens manuscript of a short story entitled The Riddle, which is played out as the story within the story. It's a great premise for a show and Jacobi is the strongest actor.

    Jacobi also appears in Dickens' Old Curiosity Shoppe.

    Love Victoriana? Try the series based on Anthony Trollope's The Pallisers or The Wyvern mysteries, in which Jacobi plays an odious lord whose intentions for his adopted neice turn out to be less than philanthropic. The story has romance and the obligatory "don't go into that room even if you hear weird noises coming from it."

    Even if you're not in high school English anymore, you can still check out our stage productions of Shakespeare on dvd. Try Derek Jacobi in Richard II or Hamlet. You can't go wrong with Shakespeare. This is a good resource for students who have difficulty reading the plays. Shakespeare wrote in Modern English not "Old English" as many assume. It's just Elizabethan, not contemporary modern English, and stage productions really bring the characters to life.


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