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Tips on browsing the foreign language dvd collection

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Searches by specific movie title or keywords are the most effective ways of finding a dvd, but many CPL customers ask how to browse for multilanguage dvds in the catalogue.

In the search field, enter "dvd" and the language of choice. eg. dvd french

If you are searching for French language dvds, be aware that you will get many results that appear to be erroneous. In fact, many of our English language dvds have French subtitles or dubbing options and they will appear in a general search result.

Try entering the word dvd followed by the language name eg. dvd hindi. We have Russian, Punjabi, Polish, Spanish, Farsi, Korean and Vietnamese dvds. You will get a list of dvds in Hindi. Click on the catalogue record tab of one result and you will see listed every language available on that particular dvd. You can also use this tab when looking at English language dvd titles.

Tagalog language dvds are listed as DVD Pilipino. No "H."

Because the Chinese language dvds are catalogued using Pin Yin (English transliteration), it helps to know the title of the movie in English. For example "Chinese Ghost Story." Try entering keywords or an actor or director's name (eg. Zhang Yimou) when searching.

Feel free to ask for assistance at the library.

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Mob Rule

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No, this isn't a post of movies about THE Mob (which I think there are far too many of anyway). This is a post about what happens when mob mentality takes over and people allow themselves for whatever reason to be subsumed by a group. Now this was harder to put together than I first thought when I came up with the idea. There are plenty of Westerns with this theme- lynch mobs abound in the old west. And certainly many war movies are prime examples of 'group think'. So after racking my brain, here is what I finally came up with.

Lord of the Flies---perhaps the quintessential story of what happens when mob mentality takes over. All the more frightening as the perpetrators and victims are a group of priveleged, well raised children.

12 Angry Men---a Henry Fonda classic about the jury in a murder case trying to reach a decision.

The Ox-bow Incident---again with Henry, this movie easily makes it onto my top 10 favorite Westerns. This works well on so many levels but it works best as a study of men being led by blind conviction to an idea

Hotel Rwanda---take generations of tribal hatred, a government openly soliciting murder, Peace Keeping forces hamstrung by their own mandate. Just in case this isnt enough, add a world community not particularly paying attention and you have the story of the horror that was Rwanda. Don Cheadle stars as one man who tries to take a stand against the genocide. We also have the excellent non-fiction Shake Hands With The Devil---the story of Canadian Lt. Gen.Romeo Dallaire and his command of the United Nations mission to Rwanda during the 1994 genocide.

Rod Serling often chose to examine what happens to people when put under pressure in a group. Check out any of The Twilight Zone--- we have lots!

If you ever come across the movies Rosewood, Fury (Spencer Tracy), 1984, or M, make sure you take the time to watch them. All are excellent examples of this theme.

Jeff "The Dude" Bridges

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Nothing like a nod from Oscar to catapult someone back into the public eye. After 40 some years in the biz, Bridges picked up a well deserved Best Actor Award for his performance in Crazy Heart. Big in the 80's and mid 90's, he has made a lot of movies over the years. Now he isn't the headlinder in all of these but you can depend on Bridges' performances to be consistently good. Here are some of my favorites.

The Big Lebowski---from the weird and wonderful Coen brothers, this movie is good on so many levels. A cult classic, it is also just plain fun, and is the role that garnered him his nickname "the dude".

Arlington Place---from 1998 with Tim Robbins and Joan Cuscak, a solid pyschological thriller, with conspiracy overtones.

Seabiscuit---based during the depression, this tells the story of the real life racing horse of the same name. Also features Tobey Maguire and Chris Cooper.

The Last Picture Show from 1971. If you have never seen this you owe it to yourself to have a look. Set in a small Texas town in the 50's it is a gritty coming of age story---at times almost unbearably real. Lots of familiar faces in this one, including a very young Cybil Shepherd.

Iron Man--- in a supporting role to the headliner Robert Downey Jr. This movie is a real departure from the usual super hero genre and very watchable.

Men Who Stare At Goats. This movie is currently on order, so get your holds on now. With Ewan McGregor and George Clooney, it is quite hard to pigeon hole this one into a genre---but I do know that I found it quirky and entertaining.

We have others---follow this link to more Bridges

Animation Greats: check out our shorts!

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Blogger Curness tells me that Switzerland has clothing lending libraries. We're not there yet, but you can still check out shorts. Don't have time for feature length films? Enjoy short animated films from your own sofa any day and save money on popcorn besides.

CPL is reknowned for its collection from National Film Board. Remember when the NFB was in the building attached to the Castell Central Library? Now you can pick up NFB dvds from any branch.

A new one is Land of the Heads, a hilarious short film about a vain vampire and her aggravated husband. Other great shorts on this dvd include the moving French- language film "Icefloe," and the goofy "The Genie in a can of Ravioli," and "Sainte Barbe," a touching story about an old man with a magical beard. All of the french language shorts have subtitles.

Beloved of Canadians are "The Snit" and the musical "Blackfly" and "The cat came back". These can be found on Nfb's Animation Greats dvd. Be sure to look out for The Log Driver's Waltz on Leonard Maltin's Animation favorites from the NFB with folk legends Kate and Anna McGarrigle.

Torrill Kove won best Animated short film in the 1997 Oscars for The Danish Poet, a 15 minute story of how she herself came to be, by way of a young man's trip to meet Norwegian author Sigrid Undset.

Would-be animators should check out our Norman Mclaren dvds. His drawing on film has influenced a generation of Canadian Animators. We have Creative Process, Norman Mclaren and The Genius of Norman Mclaren. You may also enjoy the Hothouse series of dvds which spotlights the work of emerging animation talent.

Attention Hornblower fans

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It recently came to our attention that some of the dvds in the Horatio Hornblower series, based on the popular novels by C.S. Forester, have variant titles for the same show and the dvds are not numbered on the cases. You can find the episode titles on the backs of the dvd cases. If you wish to watch them in sequence, here's the order. Simply click on the title if you wish to place a hold:

1. The Duel (Even Chance)

2. The Fire Ships (Examination for the Lieutenant)

3. The Duchess and the Devil

4. The Wrong War (Frogs and Lobsters)

5. Mutiny

6. Retribution

7. Loyalty

8. Duty