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I was originaly going to call this post Dead Dog Movies, as this almost seems to qualify as a sub-genre of the classic animal movie. What is it about our faithful companion that we continually make movies about him only to bump him off ? I guess it is a testimate to how much we love our dogs that we mourn them so fiercely. After all, who would cry too much over the death of a pet tarantula? (and to anyone who has recently lost a pet tarantula, no offence intended!). But good taste has prevailed and I am reviewing live dog movies as well and throwing them all under the banner of Guaranteed Embarrasement Free.

Marley and Me


Where the Red Fern Grows


Homeward Bound

Lady and the tramp


Eight Below Beethoven 1 & 2 102 Dalmations Shaggy Dog with either Fred McMurray 1956 or Robert Downey 2006.

Have a look at some previously recommended dog movies---My Dog Skip, Dog of Flanders and Old Yeller. Or check out the other 9 installments of this thread by clicking on Embarrassment Free on the left hand side of the page under TAGS. We also have many dvd's on dog training, grooming and tricks, including the popular DogWhisperer by Cesar Milan.


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