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We like our gritty realism, action and drama here at the blog, but we are not immune to cupid's arrow. Romance and romantic comedy dvds are some of the most popular requests at the information desk at many branches. Most are so well advertised that they need no introduction eg. Sleepless in Seattle, Ghost, An Affair to Remember, and The Notebook, but you may want to check out some of these other gems. Come to think of it, there's a bit of drama, action and gritty realism in these. Even the most macho won't mind:


An Irish vacuum repairman is a talented songwriter lacking confidence until a recently arrived Czech singer convinces him to pursue a musical career. A little sad, but ultimately upbeat. If you like singer-songwriter David Gray, you will really enjoy the soundtrack.

Punch Drunk Love

Don't be fooled by the casting of Adam Sandler as the lead in this unusual look at courtship. He plays a very subdued charcter intrigued by co-star Emily Watson's (Synecdoche New York; Angela's Ashes). You're never really sure which one of them/either/both is the crazy one.

Enchanted April

This period-period piece begins in London after the First World War. A widow, a elderly literary figure, a starlet and a extraordinarily visionary ordinary woman join forces to get to Italy for a holiday in a rented villa. Intrigues and romance occur when various spouses and the villa's owner turn up. Featuring Joan Plowright, Miranda Richardson, Michael Kitchen and Alfred Molina. The scenery is gorgeous and the movie really succeeds in conveying the relaxed feeling of a sun holiday.

The English Patient

It doesn't hurt that this stars Ralph Fiennes and Kriston Scott Thomas whose chemistry is compelling. Warning: Devastatingly sad. Just when the lovers can be together, all goes wrong. It just kills you. Based on Michael Ondaatje's novel, and set in World War II, a man terribly burned recalls the events leading to his hospitalization.



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