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We do love our dramas here at Movie Maniacs and often go months without recommending anything on the lighter side. So let's correct that right now and have a look at some fine comediennes.

Top of any current list would have to be Tina Fey. This former head SNL writer has the very popular 30 Rock to her credit- she writes and stars in this sitcom about a head writer for a sitcom. The 5th season is currently airing and CPL has the first 4. Date Night with Fey, Steve Carell and Mark Wahlberg is an engaging 'mistaken identity' romp. Mean Girls, written by Tina Fey and starring Lindsay Lohan pre melt-down days is a pretty good bet for older teens and adults.

We have any number of television series featuring very funny ladies- I love Lucy, The Golden Girls, Carol Burnett and Barbara Feldon in the original Get Smart series.

Ever since she first appeared in Annie Hall, Diane Keaton has remained very popular. There are many of her movies to choose from but for my money I prefer her earlier stuff- like Baby Boom, Sleeper and Father of the Bride. Or watch the far superior original with Spencer Tracy.

Cutie-pie Meg Ryan has a nice comedic touch in two of Nora Ephron's big hits- You've Got Mail and Sleepless in Seattle. Also worth a really good laugh is the oldie but goodie When Harry Met Sally.

In the 1930's there was nobody more popular than Myrna Loy. She was a huge box office draw and in 1936 was named Queen of the Movies (and Clark Gable the king), in a nationwide poll of movie goers. Cast in the role as the witty and urbane Nora Charles to William Powell's Nick in the Thin Man series (six in all), these movies still hold a lot of appeal. She is charming in the Bachelor and the Bobby Soxer with funny man Cary Grant.

One of my all time fave funny ladies is Madeline Kahn and we have two of her best- Young Frankenstein and Blazing Saddles. Saddles is Mel Brooks at his most crass, but if Lili von Schtupp doesn't break you up


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