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Transformers review

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So here is what one of our lucky contest winners had to say about the movie:

"I'm a little ashamed to say that I genuinely enjoyed Transformers. It was the most entertaining movie I've seen all year.
The film is easily the best Transformers. It cuts out nearly all of the slapstick that plagued the first films and is geared to a more mature audience. The action keeps you on the edge of your seat the whole time and there are more than a few jaw dropping moments. It's still a Michael Bay movie and it still has it's faults. But unlike the last two films the good parts vastly outweigh the bad. Anyone who wrote off the series after the first or second films owes it to themselves to see this one."

Thanks for the review Trevor.

Larry Crowne

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The first 10 people to visit: and enter the PIN code: TOMHANKSMOVIEMANIACS will win a double-pass to the Calgary premiere of Larry Crowne. This is different than the usual contests we run-if you are successful you will be able to print off your own e-ticket. This is an external website so you must assess your own comfort level in giving out your email address.


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The Indian International Film Academy Awards just took place this past weekend in Toronto. Now in its 12th year, the festival is famous for promoting Indian movies, culture and fashion and Toronto marks the North American debut. This is truly a global event with previous venues being London, Sun City, Malaysia, Jo'burg, Singapore, Amsterdam, Dubai, Yorshire, Thailand, Macao and Colombo. The expected global audience is estimated in excess of 900 million and the event will draw huge crowds into Toronto for the four day event.

If you are a fan of Bollywood films you know they are anything but boring. They are exuberant, flamboyant, full of song, dance, drama, action and just plain entertaining. Bollywood turns out thousands of movies a year, nearly 3 times as many as Hollywood and their actors are as famous or more throughout the world. And very prolific. The next time you are playing trivia and someone (like us) tries to tell you that Gene Hackman seems to be in a heck of a lot of movies, you can smile knowingly and say 'well Adoor Bhasi has been in over 600!

To get a glimpse of what Hindi movies CPL has to offer, use dvd fiction Hindi as your search term in our on-line public catalogue to see some of the more that 400 titles we carry.

by Moe

Transformers:Dark of the Moon CONTEST

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The movie is due for release shortly and I have a really sweet deal for four lucky winners. Not only do you get advanced sceening tickets (for two), you get RESERVED seats. But you have to work for it a little harder this time. I want you to create your ideal transformer- what would he look like--pre and/or post transformation- be creative, get the teens and kids involved. Once you are happy with your design, copy the URL for wherever your image is stored and pass it on through MM comments.

The contest will run till Friday June 24th-with the advanced screening Monday June 27th for the lucky winners. Because the contest runs the full week, if you are chosen you will have to be able to get to Crowfoot to pick up your winning ticket-no time to get it sent elsewhere!

And as always, dont forget to leave your name and contact number. We have one person who has entered 2 times and would have won if we had a way of contacting her.

Need to brush up on your Transformers?? We have lots to choose from: The first and the second with Shia Lebeouf and Megan Fox; the Animated Series Season 1 from 1984, the animated series from 2008 Transform and Rollout, and also a J in Chinese.


Three from Bahrani

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With only three full length features to his name, writer/director Ramin Bahrani has shown himself to be a master filmmaker. Bahrani, an American of Iranian descent, has focused on the Immigrant experience in the US. Using non-professional actors and shooting on location with natural light, his films have a distinct authenticity to them. His films are gritty, beautiful, and profound.

Man Push Cart (2005) - The story of a former Pakistani music star, now caught with the Sisyphean task of wheeling his coffee cart throughout Manhattan. A sobering look at the difficulties of new Americans just trying to make ends meet. Chop Shop (2007) - Follows the daily grind of 12 year old street orphan, Alejandro and his 16 year old sister. The siblings do what they must to survive and hopefully make a better life for themselves.

The film was Shot on location in the Willets Point slum of New York, directly in the shadow of Shae Stadium. Goodbye Solo (2008) - Follows the unlikely relationship of Solo, a Senegalese cab driver and his fare, William, a crotchety old southern-boy with a lifetime of regrets. A touching friendship develops between the two men, transcending their ages and cultural differences.

by Mat

Check out our Chinese dvds

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You don't need to speak Chinese to enjoy the Chinese dvds in our collection. Many have English subtitles.

Zhang Yimou/Yimou Zhang's films are poignant with universal themes. He is best known for Raise the Red Lantern, a concubine's story and Shanghai Triad and more recently House of Flying Daggers, a spectacular swordfighting epic. If you liked the latter, try Hero, which is also a romance. Try to see Not one Less: a young schoolteacher goes to a rural area and her reluctance turns to devotion to her pupils and her dedication to finding a missing student. To Live follows a family's difficult choices through the revolutionary years.

Skip Eat, Pray, Love and go directly to Eat, Drink, Man Woman by Ang Lee of Brokeback Mountain and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon fame. A chef with three daughters cooks his way through their different life choices. Another to see is The Wedding Banquet : A couple who don't have parental approval enlist a tenant's help in creating a wedding.

by Mel


Super 8 Contest winner reviews the movie for MM

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I'd been so thrilled to win the movie passes and was even more thrilled once I'd seen Super 8. The movie was worth one hour and 45 minutes of your time, that's for sure. It was like The Goonies meets Transformers. The best thing was the character development and the script. Phenomenal job on that part. The witty dialogue was fabulous! The few action scenes were amazing. It was also nice as it's not like every other movie out there. As someone who grew to adulthood in the 80s, it was cool that the movie took place in the early 80s so you saw cereal boxes, Big Gulp cups, cars, clothes, and everything else from back then. That was cool. I'd give it two thumbs up!

Thanks for the review Toby !

Super 8 Contest

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Movie Maniacs has some SUPER 8 prize packs to give away. The prize packs include a T-Shirt, camera, posters and a double pass for an advanced screening at 7:00pm, Wednesday June 8th at Scotiabank Theatre Chinook. Super 8 is a new science fiction film written and directed by J. J. Abrams and produced by Steven Spielberg.

In order to qualify to win a prize pack sign in and please leave a comment telling us the name of another movie/TV series CPL carries that was directed by J.J. Abrams. If you are not already a member of CPL community you will be asked to create an account and join. Please remember to leave me your name and phone number so we can get a hold of you---last contest we had someone who won but we had no way of notifying them. Your name and phone number will not be shown on the website.

Thank you to Paramount Pictures for the prizes.