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Silver Linings 2

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Our first offering of Silver Linings proved popular, so here is another round of movies that have elements that save them from being failures--- after all, if every movie was great we'd be so busy watching them again and again we wouldn't get anything else done.

Pandorum – An unremarkable sci-fi pick that straddles the B-movie line. It’s sometimes campy when it means to be serious and the hit-and-miss Dennis Quaid misses with this role. Fortunately, the always excellent Ben Foster turns in a performance that makes you forget how goofy the rest of the movie is. If you’ve seen Foster in “3:10 to Yuma”, “The Messenger” or “30 Days of Night” you’ll know just how powerful an actor he is

Jumper – Teleportation is cool! Despite that unquestionable fact, Hayden Christensen and Samuel L. Jackson seem like they’re trying to suck all of the cool out of this movie with their leaden, ad-libbed performances. Despite that, teleportation is still really, really cool! This one will tickle your imagination; pure escapist fun!

Death Race –I thought that I knew everything to know about this film from the trailer: a testosterone fuelled Jason Statham action flick with plenty of fast cars, pretty girls, and explosions. The movie really isn’t too far off from that description. It hits all the notes you’d expect from a cliché action movie but somehow it all comes together into a heart pounding thrill ride.

Reign of Fire – This dark tale of a dragon caused apocalypse wasn’t very well received by critics and fans. Christian Bale and Matthew McConaughey turn in decent performances but perhaps the movie was just too bleak for its own good. Whatever the reasons for its lacklustre receptions, “Reign of Fire” succeeds in one area: the dragons. The beasts are realistically visceral, and are far more entertaining than traditional monster movie fare. Not many movies feature dragons nowadays but Reign of Fire will make you wish for more.

Thanks to Guest Blogger Trevor for another list of Silver Linings. Let me add that we now have Reign of Fire in Blu-Ray, and as in all things Blu-Ray, it looks great! Bit of trivia-trying to place the woman/mom at the beginning? It is the talented Alice Krige, who played the Borg Queen in Star Trek, First Contact- my 2nd favourite Trek movie after Wrath of Khan.


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