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On Line


by Moe

Today I actually found an area where they are filming the Hobbit!! We joked about all the backroads we love to travel down on holidays, and lo and behold- we found a location! We are in the Christchurch area and we were heading down (or is it up ?) to a place called Glenorchy. It is a place of stunning beauty and has actually been voted one of the best drives in the world -- it is magnificent... panorama after panorama! We were kind of off the main road and had pulled onto a gravel path to take a shot of Lake Wakatipu when all of a sudden a convoy drives by: semis, rental vans, portable generators, unmarked buses. I hopped back in the car and told my husband "we are definitly following them!" Not only did we follow them, but we kind of ended up in the convoy when another couple of trucks came up behind us. Down some incredible roads, past breath taking scenery, and even forded across a little stream in the middle of the road (don't tell the car rental company)! When we came out of the dense bush , around a corner and into ----well----

Now in all honesty we didnt see too much beyond large white tents, lots of security - and one very cool large thatched roof "inn" being built right up against the hills. By this time though, we had passed several security stations and even though it is a public road, we didn't want to push our luck.

But we definitely saw something and if it is NOT to do with The Hobbit- I'll eat my sun visor!!

Darn, I was trying to upload a picture and I am running out of time on this interent kiosk!!!!!! Just google Glenorchy and what you see in the images is pretty much what the place looks like----so bye for now from Middle Earth!