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Even More Midsomer Murders!

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This series, based on Caroline Graham's novels, is ongoing, and we have new episodes in (on blue-ray, too). Get your holds on now for set 19 of Midsomer Murders which will be in the collection soon. Place a hold on set 18, which has 3 mysteries on 3 dvds-one with a sleepwalker...See our earlier reviews and episode lists. These newer sets will be one of your last chances to watch Tom Barnaby solve crimes and tease his wife Joyce, since actor John Nettles is retiring this year, according to The Daily Mail online. Will the show go on after Nettles retires? I suspect not. The show has been criticized for its limited view of village life and lack of cultural diversity--it's a bit like that parodied in the comedy Hot Fuzz. Stay tuned to see in what direction the show goes.

by Mel

Free Advanced Screening Passes

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Had some trouble with our site- if you have been trying, hopefully this works better.

Alliance Films is hosting the Calgary premiere of THE WOMAN IN BLACK and our good friends at InteractPR are offering Movie Maniac fans some free advanced screening passes. The studio is utilizing PIN codes again. It’s very simple and the new survey questions are optional (only gender and age are required.)

Follow this link to an external site and enter the following pin CPLMOVIESWIB. You can then print off your voucher/pass from your own computer. Take this pass to the theatre on movie night and exchange it for a ticket at the box office.

These will go fast, so get them while they're hot!!


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This excellent 10 part/10 hour series from 1978 is well worth a look. Don't be put off by the beige battle jacket and bell bottoms- James Burke knows his stuff! Some of it might be outdated- for example, the computers he is talking about in 1978 will bare little resemblance to what we know today. But Burke's theories on how we got to computers in the first place are still fascinating.

As the Sherlock Holmes of science, James Burke tracks through 12,000 years of history for the clues that lead us to eight life changing inventions-everything form television to the atom bomb. This series explores the various paths of how technological change happens and the effects of these changes on society as a whole. To illustrate this, Burke follows various timelines of how one innovation lead to something seemingly totally unrelated in the future---such as how a 17th century Dutch cargo ship design lead to development of plastic in the 20th century. And so the Connections begin.

Motherland Afghanistan

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This film follows Dr. Quadrat Mojadidi, a specialist in women's health as he returns from the US to his war ravaged homeland to help rebuild and modernize the hospitals and clinics that serve the women of Afghanistan. The film will be introduced by S Pranji, Associate Professor in the Faculty of Nursing at the U of C. Following the movie, she will lead a discussion on maternal and child health.

This event takes place at the Plaza Theatre - 1133 Kensington Road NW, on Feb 2/2012, 6:30-9:00. Free admission, free popcorn. The film is not rated, but does contain adult material.

Life on Mars

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Sam Tyler (John Simm) is a police officer in a coma. He can hear what's going on around his hospital bed in the present but he's physically in Manchester in 1973 working cases as a policeman--a time when he would have been a young boy. While doing detective work, he runs across his parents and very nearly encounters himself.

Looking back on the technological and social changes of the past few decades, you might reflect on 1973 as though it was another planet--if you didn't answer the phone, the call was lost, and remember the thick, scratchy polyester? These are the pre-Lycra days when your bathing suit took days to dry. It seems Mars-like to Sam who encounters out of date social mores and unsystematic to unethical police procedures as well as widelegs and lambchops on a lot of his co-workers.

You have to admire everyman Sam's determination as he works as a detective sergeant while being interrupted by hallucinations, memories, and phone calls from the present. Is it all a dream? Is he delusional? Life on Mars reminded me a bit of Dr. Who but without the zaniness and gadgetry and it's no wonder, John Simm appeared in The End of Time episodes according to IMDB and you may also remember him from State of Play and an episode of Cracker. I haven't checked out the U.S. or Spanish remakes of the original BBC series which runs for two seasons (4 dvds each). So far we've only caught one anachronism in the show: Sam's wristwatch has a digital display --these didn't show up until the late 1970s. If you enjoy David Bowie and Nina Simone, you'll like the music.

by Mel


The Golden Globes

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The GG's were just held this past Sunday---hosted by the funny and occassionaly scathing Ricky Gervais--- they sometimes mean something to the Oscars, they sometimes don't. Follow this link to see who won what and get ready for the next show which is the SAGS on Jan 29th. The GG's are a mixed bag, because they award for theatrical releases as well as television- both mini series, specials and regular shows.

Some big winners from Sunday include Meryl Streep for the currently in theatres Iron Lady, George Clooney for The Descendants (so sorry to see Leo di get passed by yet again) Peter Dinklage for the hugely popular, stylish and highly addictive Game of Thrones, Kate Winslett in Mildred Pierce, Claire Danes in Homeland (which I am getting ready to watch- just need to find the time) and Downton Abbey. Also The Artist, Hugo and The Adventures of Tin Tin, currently still in theatres.

The Hunger Games

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If you are a fan of the Hunger Games trilogy you are no doubt eagerly awaiting the release of the first installment of what should be a monster movie event. I fully expect that after this hits the theatres in March, everyone will be saying Bella and Edward who? If you havent yet read the books, get started but be prepared to wait - holds are building like crazy. The books are: The Hunger Games, Catching Fire and Mockingjay, and they are hands down the best books I have read in the last five years. Far less violent and mysogonistic than the Dragon Tatoo trilogy, far superior writing to the Twilight series, and wonderfully engaging characters on par with the Harry Potter collection.

If you are wondering who landed the role-of-a-lifetime playing Katniss Everdeen, it is the very talented Jennifer Lawrence. We have her in Winter's Bone and X-Men: First Class. She has a long, bright future ahead of her -- this young lady can act!

Thanks to VisoTrailers for this clip!

Crowfoot Library Launches a monthly Movie Night

by Moe - 3 Comment(s)

Crowfoot Library is lauching a monthly movie night, starting this Thursday, the 19th -7-9. Now I had a wonderful Robert diNiro/Jeremy Irons movie all qued up and then realized it was 146 minutes long, which was too long. So I put my thinking cap back on and came up with what I feel is another wonderful choice. Due to some rather complicated copyright issues I can not actually tell you what it is in this post- you have to phone us to find out. So give Crowfoot a call at 221-4122 and we can tell you. Let me just say this- if you are waiting for it on hold, this is a far faster way to see it. No registration is required for this drop in program, but seating is limited to 40 people.

Along the same lines, Services for Children, Teens and Families is also having a movie night. Their's will be shown in the John Dutton Theatre (which holds 400 people) at the Central Library-on January 16, 23, and 30th at 6:00. They have a wonderful 'classic sci -fi' on offer, complete with prizes for costumes. Please call them at 220-2600 to find out what exactly this trilogy might be!

Free Advanced Screening Passes

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Alliance Atlantis and InteractPR are offering MM followers the chance to see an advanced screening of THE IRON LADY starring Meryl Streep as Margaret Thatcher. The screening is Wed the 11th at 7:00 at the Globe Theatre.

The studio is utilizing PIN codes again. It's very simple and the new survey questions are optional other than for gender and age range. Follow the link below to an external site, enter the PIN code --- THATCHERISM3 ----, enter a name, email and accept the terms. You will then get to another page, where you can print off your free double pass. Plan on getting there no later than 6:10 as the pass does not guarantee admission until it has been exchanged at the theatre for a ticket. Enjoy.

Bridge on the River Kwai

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If you took my recommendation and saw Ben Hur at the theatres back in November when it was re released in digital, you know how amazing these epics look on the big sceen.

So try not to miss The Bridge on the River Kwai which is playing at Crowfoot and Scotia Centre on Wed Jan 11 at 7:00. Winner of 7 Academy Awards in 1957 including Best Actor- Alex Guiness, Best Director- David Lean, Best Cinematography, Best Film Editing, Best Musical Score, Best Writing, and of course you couldn't win all of these and not win Best Picture.

This is on every 'best list' you can imagine (including my own) and has been for over 50 years. It is a magnificent movie- self sacrifice, madness, obsession, heroism. Oh man I love this movie and although I have seen it 40 plus times (that's another list of mine it is on- movies I have seen more than 25 times!) I have not yet seen it on the big screen. I know what I am doing on Wed the 11th.

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