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Even More Midsomer Murders!

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This series, based on Caroline Graham's novels, is ongoing, and we have new episodes in (on blue-ray, too). Get your holds on now for set 19 of Midsomer Murders which will be in the collection soon. Place a hold on set 18, which has 3 mysteries on 3 dvds-one with a sleepwalker...See our earlier reviews and episode lists. These newer sets will be one of your last chances to watch Tom Barnaby solve crimes and tease his wife Joyce, since actor John Nettles is retiring this year, according to The Daily Mail online. Will the show go on after Nettles retires? I suspect not. The show has been criticized for its limited view of village life and lack of cultural diversity--it's a bit like that parodied in the comedy Hot Fuzz. Stay tuned to see in what direction the show goes.

by Mel


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by Melanie
Sounds good...looking forward to seeing it
by Wendy Williams
Yes, Tom Barnaby does retire, and is replaced by his nephew, so the series continues.

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