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Free Double Passes to an advanced screening

by Moe - 0 Comment(s)

Alliance Films is hosting an advanced Calgary screening of Lasse Hallstrom’s SALMON FISHING IN THE YEMEN and they have given Movie Maniac fans the opportunity to win free double passes.

To enter, follow this link to an external site - and follow the instructions . The studio is utilizing PIN codes again---the pin code to enter is: cplmovieyemen. It’s very simple and the new survey questions are optional (only gender and age are required.)

You can then print off your passes from your own computer- remember to get there early as the pass does not guarantee a seat UNTIL it has been exchanged at the box office for an actual ticket.

Enjoy the show.

Great TV Part 2 - FX

by Moe - 1 Comment(s)

Guest Blogger Trevor promised us more great television recommendations and here they are. FX is a specialty network that features original programming and depending on how much cable you have you may or may not get this channel. But not to worry-CPL has your back.

Just like HBO, many of FX’s shows are of a different caliber than regular cable. With less stringent censorship, shows are able to push the boundaries of what you’d expect from television. Here are a few of the notable series we have in our collection.

Sons of Anarchy tells the tale of an outlaw motorcycle club in small town California. They kill, steal, and smuggle guns all while maintaining a moral compass that fans can get behind (the people they kill really do need killing). It’s been described as The Sopranos on Harleys and after watching two seasons, I can confirm that’s an apt description.

Justified - The excellent Timothy Olyphant stars as the unflappable US Marshal Raylan Givens, sent back to rural Kentucky after shooting a Miami gangster. Justified is a modern western, right down to the quick drawing lawman who might be just a little too quick to draw. Superb acting and deceptively simple plots make Justified an addicting pleasure.

Damages - A legal thriller unlike anything else on TV. Glenn Close plays the possibly good/possibly wicked super-litigator Patty Hewes. She’s out to possibly mentor/possibly corrupt fresh out of law school Ellen Parsons (played by Rose Byrne) while they try to settle a class action lawsuit that rises into the hundred millions. There are certainly a lot of possibilities in this taut and well written thriller. We have 3 seasons.

The Shield is a series that is constantly examining the concept of “The Greater Good”. It surrounds a special task force helmed by award winning Michael Chiklis who stops at nothing to see justice done. Extremely violent and gritty, The Shield pulls no punches in portraying a corrupt police force. We have 7 seasons of this excellent drama.

And check out his Part 1-HBO, for more excellent selections. Thanks Trevor.


6 degrees of Patrick Wilson

by Moe - 0 Comment(s)

Thanks to our Guest Blogger Alex for the following post. She also writes for the TEEN ZONE blog where she recently posted a great Snow White- Redux. Follow this link and take a look- you wont be disappointed. And don't you think her graphics are great!

Oh Patrick Wilson... you paradigm of manliness... you most excellent of studmuffins... I could just... oh, hello there. What's that you say? You don't know who Patrick Wilson is? Ha ha ha, very funny. No wait, you're serious? PATRICK WILSON? Oh for shame! Very well, let me begin your education.

I'll start this way: I KNOW you know who Patrick is, you just don't know you know him. Know how I know? Because this man is cast with THE BIGGEST NAMES IN HOLLYWOOD on a regular basis. He has been the right-hand man of just about every A-lister out there. And to some, his star might shine a little dimmer in comparison to theirs... but not to me. This guy is Grade-A awesome. Just watch this!

Patrick with Gerard Butler in Phantom of the Opera (he sings!)

Patrick with Billy Bob and Jason Patric in The Alamo (he does accents! He can use a sword and a gun! OR A BAYONET!)

Patrick with Bradley Cooper and LIAM-FREAKING-NEESON in The A-Team (hot bad guy!)

Patrick with Samuel L Jackson in Lakeview Terrace (he can hold his own against Mace Windu!)

Still not impressed? Well... Ridley Scott also chose him for his blisteringly-bright, star-studded new Sci-Fi, Prometheus, opposite heavy hitters like Michael Fassbender, Noomi Rapace and Guy Pearce...

Wow! Nothing?!?!? Tough crowd, tough crowd. Okay then... take it from the ladies:

Kate Winslet in Little Children

Rose Byrne in Insidious

Liv Tyler in The Ledge

Claire Danes in Evening

Charlize Theron in Young Adult

Malin Akermen in Watchmen

Rachel McAdams in Morning Glory

Yeah. I knew that would do it. Now you know Patrick Wilson. Now click on all the links to borrow these flicks so you can KNOW Patrick Wilson.

Countdown to the Oscars

by Moe - 0 Comment(s)


The 84th Oscars are airing on Sunday Feb 26th on every other station. So gather your friends, organize your pool and settle in for 3 plus hours of everything movies. This years host was scheduled to be Eddie Murphy, which I thought was a bold and daring choice- if you know Murphy live, you know how he rolls. This was hoped to revive his career, but in a show of uncommon solidarity for Hollywood, he opted out after his buddy Brett Ratner stepped aside after some controversy. Now Murphy has more to lose from this move than Ratner, who has a pretty solid string of hits under his belt, while Murphy has been flagging for years.

Anyway---enter Billy Crystal. This is his 9th turn at the wheel and to my mind there is no one better suited to the job. Think of last year’s disaster with Anne Hathaway and James Franco- both talented actors, but clearly out of their depth. Even very accomplished ‘live’ performers can struggle with the format/venue-remember Steve Martin who was marginal at best, and David Letterman who was one of the worst ever. So with Crystal as host and heavyweight Brian Grazer producing, I expect a great evening.

For decades there were only 5 nominations for best movie, but a few years ago they changed that. This year, they have chosen the seemingly random number of 9. Now a lot of these movies are still in the theatre at the time of this post, and some are still too recent to be out on DVD, but rest assured that CPL’s crack team of selectors will have these ordered as soon as they become available. We do however have 4 of the 9 on the shelves at the moment- well, maybe not on the shelves so much as available to place holds on. The 9 nominees are:

The Artist, The Descendants, Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close, The Help, Hugo, Midnight in Paris, Moneyball, The Tree of Life, War Horse.

There are some real heavyweight producers/directors/usual suspects in these 9 choices- Spielberg, Woody Allen, Scorsese, Fincher, Columbus, Kennedy. There are also some more obscure and unknown---and the movies of course have spawned nominations in many other categories. Interestingly, although they chose 9 nominations for best picture, they only chose 5 for best director. I guess the other 4 movies directed themselves ! But this isn't unusual. Sometimes best picture doesn't win best director and visa versa - think of 1972 where The Godfather won for movie, but Coppola didn't for director. It went to bob Fosse for Cabaret. 2005's best picture was Crash, but Paul Haggis lost on best director to Ang Lee for Brokeback Mountain. And Roman Polanski won for best director for The Pianist,- in 2002, but Chicago won for best picture.

I have two left to see and plan to get through them before the 26th. From where I sit right now, I am hoping for Spielberg's War Horse, but I think it will go to The Artist- which was something different than usual and sometimes different gets the Academy's attention.

Doc Martin: The Movies

by Melanie - 0 Comment(s)

Doc Martin fans will be please to know that our collection also contains Doc Martin: The Movies. This is not a spin-off of the hit series (also on dvd at the Library), but what inspired the series in the first place. Be sure to check out the two-dvd set while waiting for further filming of the show if any. Martin Clunes stars but the rest of the characters are played by actors from the tv show. The younger Clunes' Doctor is not as surly and more believable. Portwenn is called by its true name Port Isaac. The tmovies' characters are much less stereotypical that those of the tv series and the laughs come from the plot itself which involves a series of misunderstandings. In one, a phantom in yellow rubber gloves leaves molded jellies of accusation on guilty villagers' doorsteps. Who could ask for anything more,really?

If you missed the tv show, we now have four seasons, full of great shots of Cornwall and Doc Martin's adventures as a blood-phobic surgeon in conflict with nearly everyone in his adopted seaside village. According to ITV's website, a fifth season is in the works.

Movie Night At Crowfoot

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Last month Crowfoot launched a monthly movie night here at the branch. Now due to some rather complicated copyright issues I am not allowed to put in print what movie I have selected for Thursday the 16th at 6:30. But let me say this- it is a new release, with a very popular action star, and because it is the teachers convention/family day weekend, I have chosen a PG13 title. If you missed it at the theatres and have it on hold at CPL you might be one of the 400 people waiting. So why not avoid this wait and come see it at Crowfoot? Not convinced yet? Phone us at 221-4122 and we actually can tell you what it is over the phone-in real actual words!


by Moe - 2 Comment(s)

I decided to take advantage of the free tickets we were offering to the new Daniel Radcliffe movie, The Woman in Black, and send myself. I enjoy a good gothic ghost /horror story, but mostly I was interested in seeing how Daniel acquits himself post Harry Potter. I am a fan of the Potter movies (well, most of them), but I always thought that Daniel, as Harry was – well--- a little one dimensional. I am not sure if this was his young age and total lack of experience when starting, the direction he was given, or his style. So I was eager to see this performance..

As I said I like gothic, but I am coming to the conclusion that if you’ve seen about five, you’ve likely seen them all! Madwomen in the attic, tormented spouses, angelic faced children, and souls that simply refuse to cross over. So it was really no surprise that the plot followed a pretty well traveled trajectory. Daniel was convincing enough playing 'tormented spouse' and I could believe he had a four year old child. However, as the story progressed and the inevitable ‘gotchas’ occurred, I kept on looking around for Hermione, Ron and a wand to make an appearance to help get him out of the situation. My conclusion- he was- well---a little one dimensional.

Here is a review from someone else who saw the movie:

I scored a couple of your free passes to Woman in Black- thanks for the chances for these and you asked people to write if they went to it, so just thought I’d write what I thought of it. I haven’t seen a lot of movies like this- usually lots more horror kind of stuff but it did a pretty good job of scaring me anyways. I thought Radcliffe was pretty good- he was kind of creepy too. And I liked the ending- I guess there was really only two ways it could end and I kind of guessed wrong, so it surprised me. If you like being kind of scared, but don’t like the real gross stuff this is pretty good fun.

For a few more gothic choices, try any of these from our collection.

The Innocents- based on the Henry James story, Turn of the Screw.

Jane Eyre- there are many versions but I like the original with Orson Wells and Fontaine from 1944 or the 1986 with Ciaran Hinds and Samantha Morton. You’ll know Hinds when you see him- he is actually also in The Woman in Black.

Wuthering Heights-again, lots of versions to choose from

Rebecca- the best one is with Olivier and Fontaine and directed by Hitchcock.

Gaslight- with Ingrid Berman and Charles Boyer.

Frankenstein-the version that is most true to the original Mary Shelley literary creation happens to also be my fave version - it is with the multi talented Kenneth Branagh who wrote, directed and starred and the monster is played convincingly by Robert deNiro. From 2004.