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Spring Break Movies at a library near you

by Moe - 2 Comment(s)

Now the library is a pretty excellent destination at any time, but this coming week we'll give you several extra reasons to drop in:

Signal Hill, Central and Crowfoot are all showing movies!

Copyright 'stuff' prevents us from advertising online what the selections will be at two of the branches, so you have to give the branches a call to see what the movies are going to be. In the case of Crowfoot, let me just tell you that we have a really fun film ready. It is a 'new release' and there are currently almost 500 people on hold for it! Phone us at 221-4122 and we will give you the actual title. No registrations are required but we do expect good crowds. Crow's starts at 10:30 on the 30th. Country Hills' is at 1:30 on the 27th.

HOWEVER! The big news is that we CAN advertise the title we're showing at Central! And I bet you can guess what it is!!! Come down to the John Dutton Theatre (yep -- on the big screen!) at 12:00 on Wednesday the 28th for the Library PREMIERE of the new "Muppets" Movie!

Need more suggestions? Follow this link to see what else CPL can offer you.


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by Moe
Hi Jeremy! Calgary Public Library has a license agreement with a company called Criterion. The agreement grants the Library the rights to screen some DVDs from its circulating collection in the programs and tours that occur in library locations. These rights apply only to the screening of DVDs in the Library by Library staff. They do not extend to customers who borrow the Library’s DVDs. They do not extend to staff taking programs into the community. Part of our agreement states that we can only advertise for these showings "in-library" -- which means we have signage around the branches, and customers can call staff to inquire about the titles. However, the internet exists outside of the library so we can't state the titles anywhere online (facebook, twitter, even in the blogs!) and we can't put the titles in the program guides, since those also circulate outside the branches. In the case of Central Library, there is a different agreement, called Audio Cine, in effect, which DOES allow us to advertise outside the branch, hence the poster for the recent showing of "The Muppets"! Hope this answers your questions!
by Jeremy
Can you elaborate on the 'copyright' stuff?

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