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The Summer of Lars von Trier

by Melanie - 1 Comment(s)

Okay. Most people are barbeque-ing and whatnot in summertime. We seem to be watching a spate of movies by Lars von Trier, which is what we Movie Maniacs do.

In Five Obstructions, Lars makes another director re-do his original late 1960s experimental film but under a strict set of guidelines and then makes a terrifc documentary of the process.

I think Mat has already reviewed Dancer in the Dark starring Icelandic pop star Bjork. The soundtrack was very popular and a melodic departure from Bjork's earlier disco hits and Sugar Cubes work. She plays a young blind woman whose friendship with a local couple ends in tragedy.

Looking for a thriller? How about Lars' police vs. serial killer drama The Element of Crime? This is considered to part of trilogy that includes Europa, a thriller set in post-war Germany, and Epidemic, not in our collection at this time.

We're on the waiting list for Melancholia starring Kirsten Dunst and Charlotte Gainsbourg as women threatened with planetary annihilation AND wedding planning! It sounds funny, but isn't.

Nicole Kidman stars in Dogville but that doesn't mean you should confuse Lars von Trier with Baz Luhrmann; for one thing, Lars is Danish. For another, this film is very creepy. A woman on the run is sheltered by a rural American community in the 1930s. Our male protagist is a driven young writer who never writes. These must be nice folks, taking in a stranger, right? For fans of theatre, the set is a stage with chalk outlines of buildings in the small town. The film is narrated "Sunshine Sketches/Wobegon" style.

The Boss of it All is a charming comedy that features a hapless everyman hired to fire everyone in a corporation so the real big boss doesn't have to. Fans of comedy series The Office will appreciate this one. In Danish with subtitles.


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by Claudia

I watched Dogville last year. Though hard to watch at times due to the set, content and length, Dogville is incredibly unique and the ending is great.

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