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I Heart New York II

by Melanie - 0 Comment(s)

Fans of the city must see Bill Cunningham New York. Richard Press' documentary is for artists, documentary lovers and fans of street fashion. It follows the New York Times photographer to his Carnegie Hall studio and on the street as he shoots people whose style he admires. Cunningham invented the street fashion genre in the 70s when he added shots he had taken of women on the street to snap of reclusive Greta Garbo to a Times article that became a regular feature.

If you liked The September Issue, you'll still like this film but it's very different in tone. Cunningham's principled and democratic approach to shooting fashion as he rides around Manhattan on his bike well into his 80s is the focus. Cunningham only cared for clothes and style, whether worn by a bag lady or Lady Astor. The interviews with those who encounter him are loving and honest, not simply the type of quips you hear repeatedly on the weekly fashion shows. There's a tender glimpse into an old style of production for the paper.

Cunningham's opening remarks are never truer--the people on the streets of New York are really the most interesting aspect of the city.


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