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These guys don't come cheap

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I almost went to see The Expendables 2 then changed my mind at the last minute and decided to wait for the DVD. The main appeal is all these big action stars and even bigger egos in one pic. And that got me thinking about action stars/movies and how much $$$ they generate for studios. The amount is staggering- actually it is rather surreal. Collectively the actors in this film have made a lot of movies over the years, some good, some bad, and some better than average that showcase their actual acting chops and not just their pecs. So I have pulled out some of my fave movies featuring some but not all of the stars.

Sylvester Stallone- Rocky of course, but only the first and possibly the 2nd. It tends to gets dismissed too easily because the series got steadily worse as it progressed from 1 through 5, but there is no denying how really good the original is. Especially given that Stallone wrote, directed and starred in it all because he needed work and was having trouble finding anything so decided to write himself a part.

Jason Statham- The Italian Job is a very solid heist movie, as is The Bank Job.

Jet Li- I'll go with Hero and Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor

Dolph Lundgren- sorry Dolph, just couldn't find one

Chuck Norris-his hugely popular Walker Texas Ranger television series

Jean-Claude Van Damme is another tough one. I know this is a cheat but the Muscles from Brussels is at his best as a voice in Kung Fu Panda 2

Arnold Schwarzenegger-what to write about Arnold that hasn't already been written? We all know The Terminator franchise, but I think True Lies is his best. He also has a new autobiography modestly titled Total recall : my unbelievably true life story

Bruce Willis- now Bruce I can really get into. Of all of these guys he is easily the most talented and versatile. I remain a big fan of his and recommend any of these---Die Hard 1 2 3 4, 16 Blocks, The Sixth Sense, Hart's War, and my fave-12 Monkeys.

Now that surreal $ amount I mentioned at the beginning? A quick calculation based on IMDB's Box Office figures, not including DVD sales, not adjusted for inflation, and only for the movies I have linked above---almost $4 billion. Would you believe The Die Hard Franchise alone has generated world wide---$1,126,935,581.00!

And incidentally, Expendables 2 is doing well at the Box office and getting some decent reviews. On an estimated budget of $100 million, as of Sept 23rd it has made $264 million. We have the original Expendables, which has gross worldwide sales of $274,470.00. I smell another sequel.

Calgary International Film Festival

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CIFF launches its 2012 film festival with a Red Carpet Opening Night Gala tonight, September 20th at the Jubilee Auditorium. It will be hosted by Alberta Culture Minister Heather Klimchuk. The 11-day festival runs from Thursday September 20th to Sunday, September 30th.

Their website is very navigable and you can search for a film by day, country, theatre, genre and series. Visit them at Hope you can catch some of the 150 films on offer.


by Moe - 1 Comment(s)

The Inspector Morse series is very popular, having run for 12 years, but it was never my cup of tea---or rather my pint of beer. I far prefer the spin off - Inspector Lewis, which is up to series 5, all of which CPL carries.

But when I saw this brand new release (July 1/2012) on the shelves I thought I would give it a look. Set in 1965, young Detective Constable Endeavour Morse (Blu-Ray) investigates his first case in Oxford. I'm glad I took the time for this one - a very well crafted mystery, and as always with PBS Mysteries fine, fine acting from the seemingly limitless pool of talent that is British television.

If they make any more of these, count me in! Then I might find myself a Morse convert in need of many hours to reevaluate the original series. Use Inspector Morse DVD as your keyword search to bring up dozens and dozens of the original series.

The Pool

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The Pool couldn't be more different from director Chris Smith's notorious documentary about amateur horror film-makers, American Movie.

This quiet, thoughtful film is set in Goa and stars Malcom Faria, Venkatesh Chavan, and Janghir Badshah.

Venkatesh spies a tranquil unused pool and garden from a tree near its high wall. As a hotel boy working to support his family who live in a faraway village, he doesn't have access to such luxuries. He moonlights with his homeless friend Janghir selling plastic bags in the marketplace. Janguir suggests that Venkatesh simply jump in, but he announces that he will go in the front gate, or not at all. That decision leads to his encounter with the pool's owner and daughter of the house.

Anyone who has every peered longingly at a pool will enjoy this film. It offers a glimpse into the street life of Indian children, realistic dialogue (Hindi, with English subtitles) and a moving look a young hero of everyday life. You may want to share this movie with your teens.


64th Annual Prime Time Emmy Awards

by Moe - 0 Comment(s)

It's that time of year again! Set your devices on Sunday Sept 23rd to watch the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences' impressive gala. And you know what's equally impressive? How many of these TV shows CPL carries in DVD. Here are some of this year's contenders, with links to year one of each of the series. A catalogue search by title will show you all the years that we have in the system. Many of the new season are already either in or on order and available to place holds on.


"Boardwalk Empire" (HBO)
"Breaking Bad" (AMC)
"Downton Abbey" (PBS)
"Game of Thrones" (HBO)
"Homeland" (Showtime)
"Mad Men" (AMC)


"The Big Bang Theory" (CBS)
"Curb Your Enthusiasm" (HBO)
"Modern Family" (ABC)
"30 Rock" (NBC)


"Hatfields & McCoys" (History)
"Luther" (BBC America)
"Sherlock: A Scandal in Belgravia" (PBS)

Some prognostications on my part: I would love to see Breaking Bad dethrone Mad Man and this could be the year. Mad Men was a yawn (Zu Bisou and Jared Harris not withstanding) whereas BB was equal parts compelling, twisted and gut-wrenching. However Homeland could be the breakout new drama—I couldn't wait to get through each episode and then was so upset when I watched the entire first year in just two sittings and realized I had to wait for season two. Game of Thrones is a strong contender—great sets, huge cast, big budget and fine acting. Boardwalk Empire—when is Steve Buscemi NOT good? And on a more genteel note, Downton Abbey is not to be ignored.

So much for prognostications—they are all worthy contenders, so I will just go with what I am hoping for—Breaking Bad. For Comedy I have to go with Big Bang–there is still nothing funnier or smarter on tv these days. For Miniseries again I am torn. Luther is an outstanding series, but man-oh-man the new Sherlock is great. But I think the Hatfields may get the nod because Kevin is still so darn popular, and although it wasn't great, it wasn't bad.


What A Movie!

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You won't believe the blockbuster we have in store for you at Crowfoot's regular Monthly Movie Night. Join us on Thursday Sept 20th for this brand new release to DVD, which currently has over 800 holds on it! Skip the wait list and come see it here, but come early because seating is limited and it's first come first serve. For this time only we are starting the movie at 6:00 p.m. as it runs a little bit longer at 142 minutes. Rated PG-13 for intense violent thematic material and disturbing images - all involving teens.


If you haven't figured out the title yet, a quick phone call to 221-4122 and all will be revealed.