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The BBC strikes again

by Moe - 2 Comment(s)

Time and time again BBC turns out superior miniseries. With a seemingly endless pool of classically trained talent from which to draw, multi award winning directors, and truly original storylines, they just have an excellent product. When you can't take the endless banality of Hollywood offerings, with their regurgitated plots and their cookie cutter actors and actresses, turn your attention across the pond.

Their latest is the excellent "The Hour". This BBC production is actually about a fictitious BBC show. Set in the mid 50's in the early days of television, it follows the launch of a new sixty minute long current events show. With the always excellent Dominic West acting as the show's anchor, it follows their struggles to strike the right balance between informing and entertaining their audience.

We have just recieved season two, and it is even better than the first, and that's saying something. Set aside 5 hours to watch season one. As I so often do, I went to watch episode one, and stayed up far too late devouring the whole show in one sitting.

Excellent acting, compelling three dimensional characters, several tight, well crafted intersecting plots running throughout the 5 hours, and amazing attention to period details. It was recently nominated for a Golden Globe for Best MiniSeries or Motion Picture made for Television.


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by Moe

Thanks for your comment---next on my list is the Australian courtroom drama "Rake". And somebody just tweeted us the very unfortunate news that season 3 of The Hour, which was only rumored to be in production, has been cancelled. With the cliff hanger of season two, that means we will never know what happened to...................

by Anonymous

Yes, the BBC from various areas of Great Britain has superior programming to U.S. TV which only has stuff being blown up and no dialogue. The TV shows in Australia are also fab and I wish the Calgary Library would carry more DVD's from Down Under.

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