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Who will win the 85th Oscars

by Moe - 5 Comment(s)

In spite of considering myself a movie maniac maniac and in spite of watching 100’s of movies a year, I have a pretty mediocre track record for picking Oscar winners and expect the same will hold true for the 85th’s. Probably because I eschew the pollsters and pundits and go with my gut, or said another way, what I hope will win. So this year I'm doing two choices---what I would like to see win, and what I think will win. Check back next week and we`ll see what actually happened....

Who I’d pick to win

Who I think will win


Les Mis



Spielberg for Lincoln

Spielberg- even though they nominate 10 films for Best Picture, they only nominate 5 directors and Affleck wasn’t one. Go figure.


Daniel Day Lewis----I don’t see them giving him a 3rd. There are 9 who've ever won 2 Oscars for Best Actor---nobody has ever won three.

Bradley Cooper-he is the ‘it guy’ of the moment


Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence


Tommy Lee Jones

Tommy Lee Jones.


Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway








Moonrise Kingdom-charming, original and sweet

Zero Dark Thirty-consider that they had to rewrite the entire script after OBLaden was killed.Please just anybody but Tarantino!


Skyfall- the big shoot out on the estate at the end was worth the price of admission alone

Skyfall-it deserves it plus they are dying to give the Bond Franchise an Oscar


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by Moe

A lot of people were expecting it to be Argo---it certainly had the momentum going. If you read my earlier post you know it was not what I was hoping for. Even if I ignore the things that offended me the most---the factual inacurracies, the over the top CIA 'saving the day', and the ridiculous car chase to the airport, it was still at best, a mediocre film. And given how many wonderful alternatives there were, I was hoping that those who vote would see there way to another choice. Oh well.

by Mazin Elrafih

I think its Argo

by Haneke

alright, I didn't say it should be in the will win. (money's on Argo). It's missing from the Best Actress: Emmanuelle Riva The library has a ton of her films (Three Colours: Blue, Kapo, Leon Morin, Priest; Hiroshima Mon, Amour). Its the third foreign film to be Nominated for Best Picture by an 'outside director' the others being Cries and Whispers and Life Is Beautiful. Tarantino wrote a beautiful script with Django Unchained the problem is his go to editor Sally Menke died so he brought on the editor of the Fast and the Furious films. Now we can only look at Thelma Schoonmaker. I hated Brave, it was a hollywoodization of Princess Monoke from legendary filmmaker Hayao Miyazaki. Frankenweenie and ParaNorman are the films to beat. And if you enjoyed Life of Pi check out some films by Satyajit Ray. Then Zero Dark Thirty didn't live up to either Homeland or A Seperation (despite having Jessica Chastain, Joel Edgerton and Edgar Ramirez). Feeling like a Gi Joe episode instead.

My top 10 Favorite Films of 2012 (in no order) are: Amour, The Master, Cloud Atlas, Silver Lining Playbook, Oslo August 31st, Holy Motors, Argo, Moonrise Kingdom, Rebelle (War Witch) and Bliss.

by Moe

Thanks Haneke--- It is one of the few nominees I didnt manage to see yet and I hear it is excellent. I just don't see the Academy giving the big award to another ' foreign' film- after The Artist winning big last year. Especially when it is up against flag wavers like Zero Dark, Argo and Lincoln. We'll know shortly.

by Haneke

Your post is missing Amour. The best film of 2012.

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