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Toronto International Film Festival

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Follow this link to see all things TIFF


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by Anonymous
Film festivals introduce fans to new and noteworthy films, such as internationally acclaimed Canadian film Incendies. Library customers can plan their viewing.
by Cookie Maker
Does the library purchase DVD's of some of the film fest favourites? I love indepenedent, quirky, film fest movies and think the library should support these endeavors by offering these films to customers. Does this happen? Is someone in Collections following the action and ordering festival movies when they are released on DVD? It would be fabulous to have a DVD section in each branch called Festival Films, featuring interesting, mostly independent, art house films from around the globe. With our DVD collection circulating so strongly, perhaps this is something CPL can look at?
by Moe
We received a comment from a reader asking why we were promoting a film festival in Toronto. For the same reason that we provide links to the IIFA, the Oscars, the Emmys, the Baftas etc.---keeping in touch with all things film.

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