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Our Dvd & Blu Ray collection

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Someone recently asked whether the Calgary Public Library has dvds featured in film festivals and the latest releases once out of the movie theatres, and the answer is YES! Once purchased, the dvd/blu ray is listed in our catalogue and you may place a hold on it ahead of time to reserve a copy. New and popular titles often have a waiting list, so placing a hold is the best way to get a hold of these dvds. You can do so by clicking "place a hold" which appears to the left of the title you have found in our online catalogue.

Another question that came up was how the library decides what dvds are in the collection. For a broad, general answer, refer to our materials selection policy which staff at library branches can provide on request. Librarians at our Central branch select material for the collection using a number of different resources and criteria.

You can shape the collection yourself by suggesting titles. Click on the "Contact Us" section at the top of our home page and then select "suggest a title." Many items are purchased for the library based on customer suggestions.



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