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Many of you remember the charming children's show of the 1970s and, due to popular demand, it's back on dvd at the library! Your teens will probably enjoy the original cast and crew of Sesame Street as well. There has been some controversy in the last few decades centering on the original series content such as Oscar the Grouch's perennial bad attitude and the persistent denial of Snuffalufagus' existence, which led to the form you now see today (I'm not sure that Cookie Monster wasn't formative in my development). Popular characters such as Grover prevailed, however, and are also known as Jim Henson's Muppets. The non-muppet cast included the fabulous Rita Moreno and a great inner-city New York set when the series was broadcast as The Electric Company with its funky theme song. The award winning show, like the library, promotes early childhood literacy.

We have Sesame Street Old School 1969-1974: Volume One and Volume Two

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by Alex
There are SO MANY Sesame Street controversies! What about the whole Bert and Ernie fiasco? Or when Katy Perry and Elmo hung out a couple of seasons ago and everyone got all worked up? When the kids had to stop playing on the street and the show got changed to "Sesame Park"? OR THE TIME WHEN COOKIE MONSTER HAD TO START EATING VEGETABLES? I can name a hand-full of memes on the internet right now featuring Sesame characters... "Every day I'm Snufflin" FUN POST!

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