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Doc Martin: The Movies

by Melanie - 0 Comment(s)

Doc Martin fans will be please to know that our collection also contains Doc Martin: The Movies. This is not a spin-off of the hit series (also on dvd at the Library), but what inspired the series in the first place. Be sure to check out the two-dvd set while waiting for further filming of the show if any. Martin Clunes stars but the rest of the characters are played by actors from the tv show. The younger Clunes' Doctor is not as surly and more believable. Portwenn is called by its true name Port Isaac. The tmovies' characters are much less stereotypical that those of the tv series and the laughs come from the plot itself which involves a series of misunderstandings. In one, a phantom in yellow rubber gloves leaves molded jellies of accusation on guilty villagers' doorsteps. Who could ask for anything more,really?

If you missed the tv show, we now have four seasons, full of great shots of Cornwall and Doc Martin's adventures as a blood-phobic surgeon in conflict with nearly everyone in his adopted seaside village. According to ITV's website, a fifth season is in the works.


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