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Happy Birthday to Us – We are 100 Years old!!

by Moe - 0 Comment(s)

As you are likely aware CPL is 100 years old this year. If you are free this Saturday drop into any branch in the city for a whole lot of fun, food and festivities. Every branch has something a little different lined up, but I can tell you this: EVERY BRANCH has free cake! Check here to see what your local branch is offering.

Follow this link to a fun site over at AMC- you know them- they're Channel 47 here in Calgary and show some real classics, even if they show them far to often. I'm thinking Rio Bravo which seemed to run for about 18 months straight. All that aside, they offer up lots of fun trivia on their website and this glimpse of what was going on in filmdom in 1912 is very interesting.

Also lots more trivia at IMDB for 1912. Actually a good old google search of "films from 1912 " turns up lots of hits, including not just films made in 1912, but those that are set in 1912. Have fun and hope to see you at the party.


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