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Animation Greats: check out our shorts!

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Blogger Curness tells me that Switzerland has clothing lending libraries. We're not there yet, but you can still check out shorts. Don't have time for feature length films? Enjoy short animated films from your own sofa any day and save money on popcorn besides.

CPL is reknowned for its collection from National Film Board. Remember when the NFB was in the building attached to the Castell Central Library? Now you can pick up NFB dvds from any branch.

A new one is Land of the Heads, a hilarious short film about a vain vampire and her aggravated husband. Other great shorts on this dvd include the moving French- language film "Icefloe," and the goofy "The Genie in a can of Ravioli," and "Sainte Barbe," a touching story about an old man with a magical beard. All of the french language shorts have subtitles.

Beloved of Canadians are "The Snit" and the musical "Blackfly" and "The cat came back". These can be found on Nfb's Animation Greats dvd. Be sure to look out for The Log Driver's Waltz on Leonard Maltin's Animation favorites from the NFB with folk legends Kate and Anna McGarrigle.

Torrill Kove won best Animated short film in the 1997 Oscars for The Danish Poet, a 15 minute story of how she herself came to be, by way of a young man's trip to meet Norwegian author Sigrid Undset.

Would-be animators should check out our Norman Mclaren dvds. His drawing on film has influenced a generation of Canadian Animators. We have Creative Process, Norman Mclaren and The Genius of Norman Mclaren. You may also enjoy the Hothouse series of dvds which spotlights the work of emerging animation talent.


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