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Like a lot of you out there I am a HUGE fan of westerns and have been my whole life. As a result I have many favourites and would actually be hard pressed to narrow it down to even my top 30. So I had a look at some other sites to see what makes it onto other movie lovers lists. And I have to say some of them not only surprise me but actually flabbergast me--- but then if we all had the same tastes they would only need to make about 50 movies a year, instead of thousands. Some of the more egregious inclusions (to my mind at least) were The Quick and the Dead, Back to the Future Part 3, Brokeback Mountain, and City Slickers. Some of the better were Shane, Stagecoach, Unforgiven, High Noon, Tombstone, 3:10 to Yuma and Lonesome Dove. CPL has hundreds of westerns available and here's how you find them; in the classic catalogue head into advanced search and use a subject of 'western films' and change type to dvd; in the new catalogue search as 'western films dvd'. Both searches will bring up a truly impressive selection. A couple of the sites I visited were IMDB and AFI , so drop in to either of these and see what they have suggested. We have reviewed many westerns over the years so over the next 10 days I will re-release the posts so you can see some of our favourite previous recommendations.

And CPL has just received season one of the really excellent television series that just ran this past winter---Hell on Wheels. If you missed this one on tv put your hold on- you won't be disappointed. Like so many westerns of the past 20 years, this was filmed in Calgary and area.


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