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by Moe - 7 Comment(s)

I have quite a number of free double advanced screening tickets coming your way shortly for the movie "Ruby Sparks". This is by the same guys that brought you Little Miss Sunshine and the recent Safety Not Guaranteed.

To claim these tickets you must have a GoFoBo account set up. HERE'S HOW.

This part is important and you must judge your own comfort level. If you want to take advantage of this and other offers you will be redirected to an external site at and it is through them that you request your tickets. This will require that you set up a gofobo account and password and if you are okay with this, I would do so ahead of time. The register icon is small - it is up on the top right of the page along with login/ f/Connect/register. Click on register and set yourself up. They will send you a confirmation in the email you provide and then you can set your password up. Done- you are registered. Then when you read here on the Movie Maniac blog that passes are available you just go to gofobo, log on to your own account and enter the very specific RSVP code which I will provide for each movie.Then the tickets will be sent to your own computer for printing off.

We will have a designated number of double passes for advanced screenings held specifically for our readers. You don't need to worry about trying to find the right movie/page on gofobo- once you enter the rsvp code that I provide it will take you right to that movie. You will see our Movie Maniac name and Logo once you use the code. Don't worry that the image on GoFoBo looks different than this one below. You still put the rsvp code in the same place.

As with other advanced screening passes, you are not guaranteed admission UNTIL you redeem the pass at the box office for an actual theatre ticket.


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by Moe

Hey everybody, Moe here. I have been in touch with the PR company and they are still trying to nail down a venue for this event. I expected them to have this days ago, but no word yet. Hang in there- you haven't missed it..............

by Anonymous

Not sure if you had already posted the RSVP code? Any updates? Thanks!

by Moe

No,Mouse, you haven't missed it. I expect it anyday now- please keep checking back......

by Mouse
Aww did I miss it? I keep looking back and not finding the RSVP code :(
by Ulyana

thank you so much for doing this, althouh I am always late....

by Moe

If you don't already have a GoFoBo account make sure you have one set up---I will be releasing the tickets next week (don't have an exact date yet from my PR company) and once the post goes up they get scooped pretty fast. Just remember to keep checking back to MM regularly and good luck. Moe

by Anonymous


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