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Ruby Sparks Free Advanced Screening Tickets

by Moe - 4 Comment(s)

Okay movie lovers, the tickets are now available to claim from GoFoBo for the avdanced screening of RUBY SPARKS. Hopefully you have your account set up and your password ready. If so log on now and request one or two tickets to this event. We've made it easier--- you don't even need an rsvp code this time.The password that they are asking for is YOUR own that you used to create your account. You will see our Movie Maniac Logo and your tickets are a few clicks away! They will be sent to your computer where you can print them off. If you do not have an account yet simply follow the steps in "create an account" found on the above link.

We have quite a few tickets available, but once they are all claimed, that's it. If you find yourself unable to use them after you have claimed them, pass them on to someone else---names are not checked. Can't find anybody? Just go back on to your account and 'release' the tickets for somebody else to use. If you make it to the movie I would love to hear from you- just drop me a line through comments at the top of any MM post. Enjoy!


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by Linda

Thanks so much for the movie! I really loved it.

by Sarah

Thank you for your help!

by Moe

There are no age requirements/restrictions on GoFoBo---I am not sure why you are getting this message. I would just put in any age that lets you register. The tickets are not checked for age, name etc. when redeemed at the theatre. I know when I initially tried to register I found it a bit tempermental, but it took everything the second time. Another person has reported the same problem---but I also have a report from the PR people that at least 20 of the tickets have been claimed. I can only suggest that you keep trying to get registered and if you are not successful this time you will be up and running for the next contest.

by Sarah

The Gofobo RSVP Promotion page is saying that I do not meet the age requirement to register, even though I am in my 50's. Is there something that I should try differently?

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