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Back in my Halloween post a mere 6 weeks ago I mentioned Abe Lincoln Vampire Hunter and how much I enjoyed it at the theatre. Well, it's available now so get your hold on. Once you accept that Abe wasn't just the 16th president of the United States, but a very accomplished vampire hunter, you're in for a fun two hours. I watched it again this past weekend and enjoyed it just as much as the first time. The cinematography is stunning. and the axe-work is pretty excellent as well. Abe sure can make those heads fly when his blade swings!

Expendables 2 -- didn't I just post about this one too when it first hit the theatres? Well, nothing says Christmas like a bunch of testosterone-fuelled mayhem with every action star of the last 30 years. Ditto The Dark Night Rises. The last in the Christopher Nolan trilogy, we see Batman battle against the latest threat to Gotham, the terrorist Bane, played to perfection by the very versatile Tom Hardy. If you've read my posts before, you know Batman is my least fave Superhero, but having said that, this latest is pretty good.

Tom Hardy's had a busy year. He is also in another new release, Lawless, with Shia Lebouef.

Men in Black 3 --much lighter than Batman and Lawless and nowhere near as bloody as Abe or Expendables, this is another fun way to spend two hours. I enjoyed this much more than MIB 2, and thought that Josh Brolin was brilliant playing a young Agent K. He absolutely nailed his impersonation of Tommy Lee Jones. I actually thought that they might have been dubbing his voice, but no, that is all Brolin.

On a much much lighter note, try Tommy Lee Jones and Meryl Streep in Hope Springs.

And for the kids we have Paranorman, a misunderstood boy who takes on ghosts, zombies and grown-ups, to save his town from a centuries-old curse. This was surprisingly intense so if you take it home take the PG rating seriously. There is also the rather quirky Disney offering, The odd life of Timothy Green.


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