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Spotlight on Toni Collette

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Japanese Story finds Toni Collette playing an Australian mining company employee. When asked to give a Japanese investor a tour of the mines, she grudgingly drives Gutaro Tsunashima to the blistering outback where the two are forced to confront each other as human beings. Just when the film appears to be taking a conventional turn, there's a twist. If you are looking for moving and insightful, this is it.

It seems that Collette chooses or is chosen for roles that explore human motivations and values. Other great Toni Collette movies at CPL:

The Night Listener: A blind caregiver played by Collette protects a young abuse survivor who has contacted a radio personality (Robin Williams). Spooky...

Little Miss Sunshine: Fun look at a wacky intergenerational family dragged on a road trip by their young would-be beauty pageant contestant.

Muriel's Wedding: Woman obsessed with being a bride--Humorous and disturbing.

The Hours: With Nicole Kidman. Based on Virginia Woolf's novel, The Hours follows different women's life struggles during different time periods.

We also have: In her Shoes and Towelhead


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