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Since the post of July 20th we have had several new additions to the Star Trek family. In the original post I had a hard time narrowing down what to watch if you didn't have around 800 spare hours for all of them. But these latest dvd's have made the choice a little simpler. Whether you are new to the phenom or want to revisit some of your favorites, try these thematically based collections. The fun thing about them is because they are based on a theme they pull from all of the different series to make the compilation---you get a nice cross section from all the series.

Star Trek Fan Collective:

Alternative Realities; Captain's Log; Borg (this is my own personal favorite- as previously stated, I love to hate the Borg!); Q (my next favourite Star Trek protagonist); Klingon; Best of The Next Generation; Best of the Original Series; Time Travel.

LeVar Burton, the Emmy and Grammy Award-winning actor and huge literacy advocate is coming to CPL. Join us in celebrating the best of Alberta’s literary community on Thursday, September 24, 2009 at Sun Life Plaza for the Calgary Public Library Foundation Literary Awards. The evening includes a special cocktail reception, ‘The Art of the Book’ art show and auction, and the awards program featuring a keynote address by Mr. Burton.


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