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2013 Oscar Nominees and Winners

by Moe - 2 Comment(s)

Anna Karenina

With the single exception of Amour, CPL now has all of this year's major Oscar nominees and winners. Because there is always lots of cross over, even if it was nominated in more than one category, I've only listed it once here.

Best Picture: Les Mis; Argo; Life of Pi; Beasts of the Southern Wild; Lincoln; Silver Linings Playbook; Django Unchained; Zero Dark Thirty

Actor: Flight; The Master

Actress: The Impossible; The Sessions

Animated: Brave; Frankenweenie; ParaNorman; Pirates- Band of Misfits;

Wreck -it- Ralph;

Best Documentary Feature: Searching For Sugar Man.

Costume Design: Anna Karenina

The Impossible with Naomi Watts


And with the exception of the Animated films, there was actually a lot of really gritty adult themes / language / nudity / and violence in this year's nominees -- some more so than others. I'm thinking in particular of Django Unchained, The Master, The Sessions, and Zero Dark Thrity, so take the ratings seriously.





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by Moe

Our Access and Discovery team is taking care of this, but I don't have a date at the moment. Keep checking the catalogue and as soon as you see it turn up you can put a hold on it even though it is not yet "in".

by Anonymous

When is Amour coming?

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