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Eco Movies for Everyone

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Assuage your environmental guilt by watching (and re-using) some "green" dvds from CPL... Most are suitable for all ages. Check out the Eco-Action blog on our website.

The Dollar a Day Dress(non-fiction) follows London fashion students' gathering local fabrics worldwide to create a sustainable couture outfit. We learn how difficult it is to source fabrics and see how donated second-hand clothes may actually hurt local garment producers. Will the dress be cat-walk ready in time?

Local Hero is a charming comedy that follows an oil company employee's negotiations with Scottish locals around a controversial project that will change their shoreline. He changes their lives and his own in the process.

Paddle to the Seais a children's classic from the National Film Board of Canada (1966). Some of us will remember the little carved canoe's journey through the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence seaway, but I'd forgotten the film's scathing commentary on polluters in the Detroit/Windsor area. A little heavy-handed in retrospect, considering the young carver of the canoe melts lead in his home fireplace at the beginning of the film: kitschy good times!

Who Killed the Electric Car? Doesn't it seem as if every few years, some tv program is telling us how energy-efficient cars of the future will be? This documentary examines how the future was a few years ago in California, when prototype electric cars were taken away from their owners and electric charging stations were closed, in spite of protests from the drivers.


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