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Free Advanced Screening Passes

by Moe - 2 Comment(s)



The first of three — yes three films for which Movie Maniacs has acquired advanced screening tickets

This first round is for THE GIVER which airs on Wednesday August 13th at Scotia Bank Theatre Chinook at 7:00. To claim your double pass log onto this external site and enter the exclusive Movie Maniacs code TheGiverCal665007. Your voucher will be emailed to you for printing on your home computer. Remember to arrive at the theatre a little earlier and exchange this voucher for an actual ticket at the box office, which will then guarantee you a seat.

We have secured 25 double passes for our followers, but once they are gone, they are gone. But check back in the next 48 hours when I will release a new set of 25 doubles for another big summer release. These passes are for — nah, I'm not gonna tell you — gonna make you keep checking back! Remember, sometime in the next 48 hours!

Thanks to our friends at entONE for the passes.


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by Moe

A father and two of his kids went to see The Giver together courtesy of Movie Maniacs and were kind enough to send us some of their impressions. Read the comment below for what they have to say about this film.

by Anonymous

The Giver was an interesting film, but the general atmosphere of a seemingly utopian society is becoming too common and is getting old. However, as much as the theme is present in the movie, it is not acknowledged as much which is a good change of pace after movies such as the Hunger Games and Divergent. The film starts off gently with a small narration telling the viewers about how the new community came to be and why it's different from the old world, and gives us a sense of how the society is controlled by using black and white colour schemes for most of the exposition. From there it slowly introduces the characters and the plot, but for me it didn't really seem that the exposition ended until the end of the film when they went right to the ending, climax, and cliffhanger, all of which happened within the last 15-20 minutes, meaning there wasn't a steady build of suspense and drama as the plotline shot right up to the climax very quickly. Acting performances were nothing spectacular, but not cringe-worthy. Overall, although the movie had its dull and slow moments, for me (who hasn't read the book) the plot and themes were intriguing enough to keep me interested and for the most part, eager to "want to know what comes next," as well as interested in watching a sequel if there is one in the future. 6.5/10 Nicholaus

For me, while the book might be old, Hollywood seems to be going futuristic with function factions for the working person, where one leaves childhood, and enters adulthood at the flick of a switch. Hunger Games, City of Embers, Divergent, and now The Giver I’m tired of the theme, but it is better than “the butler did it” from the traditional murder/suspense style of yesteryear I liked the flashbacks, to give credibility to the images the Giver was presenting I did not like the oh so blatant, there has to be a sequel, ending (another current Hollywood style) It was a mostly quiet movie, one had to pay attention to understand what was going on, to catch callbacks. I felt the effort for monochromatic vs. color, could have been done more. Example, Dick Tracey and the pastels really stood out. This movie for the contrast of blasé white and full color; the differences were not striking enough to make us feel the effect. It looked more healthy hospital sterile, as opposed to a plain and restricted society. 6 /10 Harvey

I think that there were a few parts that were untrue to the book (not a lot of "action" in the movie). The way colour was shown throughout the whole movie was good, as was Jonas's character development. Overall, it was a good movie. Christian

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